AFSA: CRS – Capacity Building and Mentorship Programme

Deadline: 21 February 2019

The Community Response and Systems Programme (CRS) provides an opportunity for Civil Society Organizations (CSO) to benefit from capacity building and mentorship. AIDS Foundation of South Africa (AFSA) therefore invites registered CSOs that are led, or work closely with, people with TB, PLHIV and key and vulnerable population groups: Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW), sex workers, Men who have Sex with Men (MSM), People Who Inject Drugs (PWID) and transgender people; to submit applications for consideration.

For the first phase of the capacity building and mentorship programme the PR is seeking to identify 25 suitable SRs to participate in the programme. The duration of the capacity building and mentorship course will be 18 months (April 2019 to September 2020). The training and mentorship shall be provided by the PR’s CRS team and accredited external service providers. The PR shall issue a request for applications for the second phase of the programme at a later date in August 2020.

The capacity building and mentorship package includes:

  • Capacity Assessment: Baseline capacity assessment of CSO to identify institutional and programmatic capacity building needs in the domains listed below:-
    • MERL
  • Capacity Building Plan: Targeted capacity building plans specifying institutional and programmatic capacity building interventions;
  • Accredited Programmatic Training for lay counsellors and community health care workers: HTS, TB and STI Prevention;
  • Non-accredited programmatic training for lay counsellors and community health care workers – HIV and TB stigma reduction and social change, Key Population sensitization, TB screening for lay counsellors, RTQII;
  • Organizational Development Training for managers and directors – Sustainability, Governance, Monitoring and Evaluation, Risk Management, Human Resource Management, Project Management;
  • Mentoring (individual organizations and cluster) – technical and organizational development mentoring.

Outcomes of the CRS capacity building and mentorship programme

  • CBOs strategically aligned to NSP priorities and able to catalyze HIV & TB response;
  • CSOs have increased capacity to implement programmes to educate, mobilise their communities and support HIV & TB interventions;
  • develop organisations in order for them to be able to optimize their systems and attract donor funding
  • CSOs are linked to:-
    • SANAC sectors
    • Contributing towards MDIPs
    • GF PRs & SRs and other potential funders to enable them to implement HIV/TB interventions;
  • CSOs better able to support PLHIV, TB survivors and AGYW to deal with internal stigma and respond to external stigma and discrimination resulting in improved uptake of HTS, TB screening and linkage to and retention in care;
  • CSOs with enhanced Organizational Development systems to support programme implementation.

Organisational Requirements

The minimum requirements include:

  • Organizations must be a registered South African legal entity.
  • Organisations must have a proper and functional management & organizational structure (Management Team & Board).
  • Organisations must have been operative for at least 3 years
  • Organisations must be currently funded with a commitment for at least 2 years and a sustainability plan.
  • Organizations must be eager to be mentored, must demonstrate enthusiasm and commitment.
  • Organisations must be willing to set time aside to allow for the relevant personnel to attend training workshops and participate in mentorship sessions.
  • Organizations must display potential and willingness to be developed and grow.
  • Organizations must have a vision to respond to critical HIV & AIDS and TB needs in the community.
  • Organizations must be working with the key and vulnerable populations such as, LGBTI, Sex Workers, PWID, MSM &TG, AGYW, PLHIV and TB (refer to abbreviations list on page 2).
  • Organizations providing HTS must have signed working agreements with their local healthcare facilities.
  • Organizations must be actively participating within relevant community structures & committees i.e. War Rooms, LAC, DAC, Clinic Committees etc.
  • Organisations must be located and operating in one or more of the specified target districts

How to Apply

Applications must be submitted at the address given on the website.

For more information, please visit

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