Access to Energy Fund Program: Supporting Sustainable and Clean Energy Projects in Remote Rural Areas

Deadline: 25 November 2018

Energias de Portugal, S.A. (EDP) is seeking applications for its Access to Energy Fund Program.

Access to energy (A2E) is a necessary condition to break the poverty cycle, allowing the social and economic development of remote rural areas. Electrical energy is crucial for health, education, water and agriculture, income generation and community projects.

The A2E CSR FUND Program is aimed to alleviate energy poverty by supporting sustainable and clean energy projects in developing countries.

Areas of Activity

The areas of activity of the Program, framed within the purposes of EDP, are:

  • Education: electricity for lighting, computers and internet services.
  • Health: energy for lighting of facilities, laboratories, diagnostic equipment and refrigeration of vaccines.
  • Water and Agriculture: electricity for boreholes, water pumping and crop irrigation.
  • Business: energy supply of small business initiatives and supply of electricity for machinery and equipment.
  • Community: electrification of households, community centers and public lighting.

Funding Information

The 1st edition of this program has an endowment of 450.000€. Projects may apply for values between € 25,000 and € 100,000. The Fund will cover:

  • up to 75% of the total project costs, for non-profit entities;
  • up to 50% of the total project costs, for for-profit entities.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Project Promoters must fill out an applicant form that describes the applicant and in which they the make an ethical commitment.
  • Project Promoters must meet the following requirements:
    • To be legally incorporated;
    • To be a private entity, commercial or non-commercial, or a non-governmental organization;
    • To have at least 2 (two) years of experience;
    • To have their tax payments in order with the tax administration and their contributions in order with social security, being that these situations must be verified until the time of signing the Collaboration Agreement;
    • To demonstrate the credibility and ability to develop the projects with which they apply;
    • To not have benefit from other EDP support in the same year.
  • Considering the scope of this program, for the edition of 2018/2019, the projects must be developed in the following East Africa countries: Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Mozambique.
  • In the event that the projects could fit into 2 (two) or more of the proposed areas, the Project Promoters should select that area with greater weight or relevance within the intervention.
  • Each entity may only submit one (1) project, either individually or as part of a consortium, regardless of the role it plays in said consortium.

Evaluation Criteria

Submitted projects proposals will be evaluated on the basis of the following criteria:

  • Social relevance and impact. Projects that have potential for a high social impact and/or that cause a true social transformation in the context or territory in which they are executed. If applicable, projects should consider gender integration as an essential part of its life cycle. It will be taken into account that the promoter entity is able to justify this relevance through reliable and external sources of information (social diagnosis, studies, reports, etc.).
  • Ability to implement. The coherence between the objectives of the project and the proposed activities will be analyzed in order to verify that there is a proper alignment. The candidate or the lead organization must be able to implement the project submitted within the timeframe defined in the application.
  • Projects that promote alliances between entities, to generate synergies, especially in reducing operating costs and maximizing the direct use of resources, both human and material. In this sense, the projects will be valued based on the fact that they have formally assured support partners in the place and area of action to guarantee the success of the project.
  • Projects with clean energy solutions intended for medium-term actions and provide a guarantee of technical and commercial viability for its long-term continuity, following EDP’s contribution.
  • Projects that serve as a model, because they are sufficiently structured, and that can be replicated in other territories or contexts.
  • Number of beneficiaries. Projects aimed at a broad and significant group of people, considering the characteristics of the group and the nature of the intervention, or that can create a real and transformative change in the quality of life of the target public.
  • Costs / Benefits. The projects that have consistency between the total cost, the requested support and the expected results.

How to Apply

Applicants must download the application form via given website.

For more information, please visit A2E CSR Fund Program.

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