ATRC inviting Kosovar NGOs for USAID’s Engagement for Equity Program (E4E) – ROUND VIII

Deadline: 13 May 2019

Advocacy Training and Resources Center (ATRC), the implementing partner for USAID’s Engagement for Equity Program (E4E), is seeking applications from qualified Kosovar Non-Governmental Organizations to:

  • Conduct complex advocacy and awareness campaigns in cooperation with stakeholders from diverse segments of society and government.
  • Engage in formulation of policy recommendations on select democracy, governance and economic empowerment issues, drawn from consultations with citizens and other stakeholders.
  • Monitor and track the implementation of targeted legislation, reforms, and initiatives of high importance to vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Thematic Areas

Awards will be made in five thematic areas:

  • Women in Governance and Economy: ATRC will support Kosovar CSOs with grants intended to allow them to conduct public education and advocacy activities to increase awareness and change attitudes towards women’s active participation and leadership in economy.
    • Anticipated results under this theme include:
      • Organizations representing women interests become a strong voice in support of issues that impact women;
      • Interests of women are better represented in the formulation and implementation of public policy, including gender-based budgeting, improved legislation, etc.;
      • Increased awareness and contribute to behavior change of the society on the role and importance of including women in economy and governance;
      • Women active in formal and informal conflict prevention processes that contribute to stable governance and economy.
  • Empowering Women through Enhanced Awareness of Women’s Property Rights: ATRC will support Kosovar CSOs to conduct public education and advocacy activities to increase awareness of and change attitudes towards women’s property rights in terms of ownership, inheritance and use.
    • Anticipated results under this theme include:
      • Increased awareness of women’s property rights issues among the entire population, including youth;
      • Increased awareness of the National Strategy on Property Rights (NSPR) among the public;
      • Improved monitoring of the implementation of the NSPR; and
      • Women are more empowered to claim their property interests.
  • Increased protection and awareness of vulnerable populations’ rights: ATRC will support civil society organizations for addressing and initiating awareness raising, changing attitudes, improving the legal framework with better implementation of laws protecting vulnerable groups.
    • Anticipated results under this theme include:
      • Increased awareness of and sensitivity to issues of vulnerable groups and human rights among the general population;
      • Improved civil society reporting on discrimination cases to GoK authorities and increased number of discrimination cases heard in the courts, for example using strategic litigation;
      • Increased citizen access to information and improved legal literacy and empowerment of vulnerable populations and their access to legal services; and
      • Improved representation of vulnerable groups by pro bono legal aid providers, human rights cases, including property/inheritance cases.
  • Expand Participation of Persons with Disabilities (PwD): ATRC will support civil society organizations in promoting policy reform, representation, employment, education, and participation of PwDs.
    • Anticipated results under this theme include:
      • Increased awareness of and protection of rights of PwD in society;
      • Increased involvement of PwD in civic engagement, employment and educational opportunities;
      • Increased access of PwD to public facilities;
      • Increased implementation of the Law on Persons with Disabilities;
      • More constructive dialogue between civil society and government institutions on needs of PwD.
  • Expand Youth Participation: ATRC will support the initiative launched by groups that represent the interests of youth. Activities are envisioned to promote policy, representation, employment, education and participation of youth across a range of civic and economic issues.
    • Anticipated results under this theme include:
      • Interests of youth are better represented in formulation and implementation of public policies;
      • Positive alternatives for youth increased;
      • Creating spaces for productive constructive dialogue between youth and government institutions increased;
      • Youth engagement in monitoring public policy and implementation of reforms and laws that address violent extremism increased;
      • Actionable findings and recommendations on improving the implementation of the GoK CVE strategy and the action plan on the prevention of violent extremism introduced to relevant agencies.

Grant Information

  • In response to this RFA, E4E Program is anticipated to award a number of Medium Scale Grants (between $25,000 to $50,000 per grant) and Small Scale Grants (between $10,000 to $25,000 per grant).
  • The winning projects will have various timelines but must end by August 2020.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Grants will only be awarded to following types of organizations: non-US organizations, Kosovo based entities (government entities are excluded) non-profit and for profit non-governmental organizations. Organizations that meet the eligibility requirements as stated below may submit an application in response to this RFA. Please note that if an applicant does not meet the eligibility criteria, the application will not be accepted for review and will be rejected.
  • USAID/ ATRC will issue grants to organizations that are legally registered and recognized under the laws of Kosovo and not prohibited from receiving USG funding.
  • Applicants are required to register for a Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) number.
  • To be eligible, an applicant must:
    • Show proof of a valid registration under the Kosovo Law on Freedom of Association in Non-Governmental Organizations;
    • Show proof of a valid bank account at a bank in Kosovo;
    • Demonstrate it is in good standing with Tax Administration of Kosovo; and
    • Provide DUNS Number (if applicants do not have one, ATRC can assist to obtain one).
  • In addition, the grantees must demonstrate that they:
    • Possess sound managerial, technical, and institutional capacities to achieve project results;
    • Are willing to sign applicable assurance certifications

How to Apply

Interested applicants should submit their applications electronically at the address given on the website.

For more information, please visit

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