Call for Proposals 2019: European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR) in Honduras

Deadline: 2 July 2019

The European Union (EU) has announced a Call for Proposals to support and strengthen civil society organizations by promoting the protection of human rights defenders working in conditions of risk and vulnerability in Honduras.

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The specific objectives of this call for proposals are:

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  • Support the strengthening of civil society organizations for the protection of human rights defenders (HRDs) who face systematic and widespread human rights risks and violations and attacks against fundamental freedoms for their work defending human rights, in particular, those that act in the defense of the territory, natural resources and the environment.
  • Provide access to comprehensive specialized services to people and HRDs that face conditions of vulnerability and risk to those defenders that act in the defense of the territory, natural resources and the environment.
  • Contribute to the promotion of non-discrimination, prevention of violence and violations of human rights to groups in vulnerable situations in particular to populations that may include indigenous peoples, persons with disabilities, the LBGTI + population, journalists and high-level communicators. level of risk, and migrants and forced displaced persons.

Priorities Area

The priorities of this call for proposals are:

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  • Initiatives should promote dialogue among civil society organizations, local authorities and the State for the prevention, management of conflicts and implementation of protection strategies for human rights defenders at the local level.
  • Initiatives must contain a rights-based approach (EBD) and include vulnerable populations such as indigenous peoples, people with disabilities, LGBTI + population, journalists and communicators in high risk, migrants and forced displaced persons.
  • Initiatives must present a gender equality approach.

Amount of Subsidies

The grants requested under this Call for Proposals will be comprised between the following minimum and maximum amounts:

  • Minimum amount: EUR 500 000
  • Maximum amount: EUR 750 000

Eligibility Criteria

  • Principal Applicant
    • In order to qualify for a grant, the principal applicant must:
      • be a legal person and
      • not have a profit motive and
      • be a civil society organization, and
      • be directly responsible, with its co-applicants and other affiliated entities, for the preparation and management of the action and not simply to act as an intermediary;
    • In the case of applicant organizations in Honduras, they must have been legally constituted four (4) years from the date of filing the application;
    • Organizations originating in a country other than Honduras must have been legally constituted as such for at least 5 years as of the date of filing the application.
    • All main applicants must have two co-applicants, of whom at least one must be Honduran.
  • Co-applicants
    • The co-applicants will participate in the design and execution of the action, and the costs incurred will be eligible in the same way as those incurred by the main applicant.
    • Applicant co-applicants from countries other than Honduras must meet the eligibility criteria applicable to the principal applicant itself, except for its existence as an entity with legal status of 4 or 5 years, depending on what is applicable according to its place of establishment. ..
    • In the case of applicant Honduran organizations as co-applicants, they must:
      • be legally constituted;
      • have two (2) years of experience as of the filing date of the application;
  • Affiliated Entities
    • The principal applicant and its co-applicants may act with affiliated entities.
    • Only the following entities may be considered entities affiliated with the main applicant or the co-applicants:
      • Only entities that have a structural link with the applicants (ie, the main applicant or a co-applicant), especially if the link is legal or capital.
      • This structural link mainly covers two aspects:
        • Control, as defined in Directive 2013/34 / EU on the annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and other related reports of certain types of companies:
          • Thus, the entities affiliated with an applicant can be:
            • Entities controlled directly or indirectly by the applicant (subsidiary companies or first level subsidiaries). They can also be entities controlled by an entity controlled in turn by the applicant (second level subsidiaries), and the same applies to the following levels of control.
            • Entities that directly or indirectly control the applicants (parent companies). Likewise, they may be entities that control an entity that in turn controls the applicant.
            • Entities under the same direct or indirect control as the applicant (associated companies).
          • Accession, that is, the applicant is legally defined as, for example, network, federation or association in which the proposed affiliated entities also participate, or participates in the same entity (for example, network, federation or association) that the affiliated entities proposed.

How to Apply

In order to apply for the grants, applicants have to register themselves in PADOR, an on-line database via given website.

For more information, please visit and download the guidelines.

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