U.S. Mission to India: World Affairs in Theory and Practice

Deadline: 23 June 2019

The Regional Public Engagement Specialist (REPS) Office of the U.S. Embassy’s Public Affairs Section is seeking proposals for a program entitled “World Affairs in Theory and Practice”.

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Implemented at the New Delhi American Center (NDAC), this competitive program will draw from a target audience of high-achieving undergraduate-level students connected to academic programs in the fields of international affairs, sustainable development, human rights, health policy business, and related disciplines.

The objective of the program is to offer to our target audience of youth leaders three facilitated MOOCs (Massive, Open, Online Courses) on themes of foreign policy importance; provide the opportunity for these leaders to apply their knowledge through “real-world” decision-making on policy matters through diplomacy simulations; and expose them to higher education opportunities in the United States.

Participants will complete one of three MOOCs (Massive, Open, Online Courses) on themes of global health, environmental security, and international trade offered by American universities and expertly facilitated at the NDAC.  Courses will meet weekly and will last 4-6 weeks, depending on the format of each MOOC selected for the series.  Following the completion of each MOOC course, participants will participate in a live simulation of diplomatic negotiations around a similar theme as their course, helping them understand complex issues in theory and practice.  Finally, participants will be introduced to EducationUSA advisors from the U.S. India Educational Foundation (USIEF) for counseling on options for pursuing higher education in the United States.

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The goals of this funding opportunity are to:

  • Build a network of young influencers at the New Delhi American Center to explore together through formal and informal study the most pressing foreign policy issues of the day, positioning them well as future leaders within India and informed partners with the U.S.
  • Expose top-performing undergraduate youth leaders to American systems of higher education and to EducationUSA advising services, to support their potential choice of the United States for graduate studies.

Proposals must detail:  The grantee is responsible for all aspects of the program. Submitted proposals should include programmatic and financial details on the following:

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  • MOOC & Diplomacy Simulations: In consultation of the REPS Office, the grantee will:
    • Identify the three most compelling/relevant thematic MOOCs offered by American universities on themes of global health, environmental security, and international trade.
    • Identify the appropriate diplomacy simulation around the theme for each of the three MOOCs
    • Organize at least 5 facilitated sessions for each of the three thematic MOOCs. All facilitated sessions will be held at NDAC.
    • Following the completion of the MOOC courses, grantee will organize a half-day, live simulation of diplomatic negotiations around a similar theme as each MOOC course to help participants understand complex issues in theory and practice.
  • Selection of cohort: The grantee will develop and execute an application process for qualified students. For each of the three MOOCs, grantee will identify and invite a cohort of approximately 30 top-performing undergraduate youth leaders (total 90 participants), ideally in the age group of 19-25 years, from academic programs in the fields of international affairs, sustainable development, human rights, health policy, business, and related disciplines.
  • Selection of expert facilitators: The grantee will identify and recruit an expert facilitator to lead each course/simulation.
  • Development of classes:
    • The grantee will manage all aspects of the MOOC and diplomacy simulation classes, in cooperation with the REPS Office and the NDAC. Please note that the NDAC can generally provide such common technology items as wifi, laptops, and basic a/v support.  Proposals must include any other anticipated costs (for example, facilitator honoraria, refreshments, supporting technical and curricular materials, and media amplification).
    • For each meeting of the three cohorts, the grantee will work with course facilitators to produce a detailed facilitator agenda based on the relevant underlying MOOC and diplomacy simulation curriculum. The REPS Office will provide final approval for all agendas.
    • MOOC and diplomacy simulation facilitators shall be selected for their expertise in the subject matter at hand, as well as their prior experience in running hands-on, participatory classes. The REPS Office will provide final approval for all facilitators.
  • Advising session with USIEF/EducationUSA: Collaborate with the REPS Office and USIEF to design and execute an advising session for each cohort to further participants’ understanding of opportunities for pursuing higher education in the United States.  Sessions could be paired with a class, if desired.
  • Traditional and/or social media plan for amplification of the program activities and outcomes: The grantee will develop and implement a robust traditional and/or social media plan for amplification of program activities and outcomes. The REPS Office will provide final approval on the media amplification plan.
  • Monitoring and evaluation plan: The grantee will be responsible for submitting a detailed monitoring and evaluation plan for all components of the program. The grantee will brief the REPS Office periodically on the qualitative and quantitative progress of the project implementation.

Funding Information

  • Estimated Total Program Funding: $20,000
  • Award Ceiling: $20,000
  • Award Floor: $15,000

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligibility is open to all non-profit, non-governmental organizations. Individuals are not eligible for an award under this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO). Organizations may sub-contract with other entities, but only one, non-profit, non-governmental entity can be the prime recipient of the award. When sub-contracting with other entities, the responsibilities of each entity must be clearly defined in the proposal.
  • This award does not allow:
    • Programs relating to partisan political activity;
    • Charitable or development activities;
    • Construction programs;
    • Programs that support specific religious activities;
    • Fund-raising campaigns;
    • Lobbying for specific legislation or programs
    • Scientific research or surveys;
    • Commercial projects;
    • Programs intended primarily for the growth or institutional development of the organization;
    • Programs that duplicate existing programs; or
    • Illegal activities

How to Apply

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Applicants can apply online via given website.

For more information, please visit https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=315213

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