U.S. Mission to Cameroon inviting Organizations to implement Comic Series and Graphic Novel to Combat Violent Extremism

Deadline: 1 August 2019

The Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Embassy in Yaounde, Cameroon has announced an open competition for an assistance award through this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) pending funds availability.

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PAS Yaounde invites all eligible organizations to submit a proposal to convert a tv series into a long form graphic novel and, separately, create a 10 issue superhero comic addressing anti-violent extremism themes. These two products will address the issue of preventing violent extremism among young people in contemporary Cameroonian society and highlight the power of civic engagement and peaceful community involvement to enact positive change and provide an alternative to violent extremism.


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The successful applicant will:

  • For the Graphic Novel
    • Need to demonstrate a successful comic adaptation of a long-form narrative. This will demonstrate the applicant’s ability to adapt Adamu and Goni from TV scripts to a 50-100 page graphic novel. Adamu and Goni is a 26 episode TV and radio series which will air in summer 2019 on CRTV. The series chronicles the journey of a Boko Haram defector as he seeks to gain acceptance in his community and become an agent of positive change.
  • For the Comic Book Series
    • Produce and distribute a minimum of ten issues of a twenty-two page, French-language, printed comic. Each of the 10 issues will have a print run of 1,000 per issue. The series will feature a superhero-type(s). Young Cameroonians will build their awareness of the challenges of resisting violent extremism and bringing positive change to their communities through civic engagement and community involvement.
    • Clearly articulate a vision and structure for the program with a sample issue and an outline of the ten issue story arc. The introductory comic should address the following: Who are the characters? What issues will they face? Where will the drama take place? How will this approach resonate with the target audience?
  • For both the Graphic Novel and the Comic Book Series
    • Provide a notional schedule for the development, printing and distribution of all books.
    • Submit a notional distribution plan, focusing on a publication strategy that reaches into the Far North and North regions, along with a plan for organizing discussion groups and other familiarization activities focusing on building awareness through partnerships with local influencers and institutions.
    • Design a successful multi-media marketing campaign to advertise the program and all characters, and amplify messages, including on social media and other platforms.
    • Propose a methodology for assessing the reach and impact of the program, including focus groups.

Funding Information

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  • Anticipated Amount: The base period award floor is set at $50,000.
  • The base period award ceiling is set at: $150,000.
  • The floor for each option year is: $40,000.
  • The ceiling for each option year is: $75,000.
  • Project Performance Period: Base Period: 15 months or less;
  • Two Option Years: 12 months each.
  • Anticipated Project Start Date: January 5, 2020

Eligible Applicants

  • The following organizations are eligible to apply:
    • Cameroonian, U.S., and foreign for-profit organizations.
    • Cameroonian, U.S., and foreign not-for-profit organizations, including think tanks and civil society/non-governmental organizations.
  • Organizations may sub-award or sub-contract with other entities, but only one entity can be the prime recipient of the award. When sub-awarding/contracting with other entities, the responsibilities of each entity must be clearly defined in the proposal.
  • Cost Sharing
    • Cost Sharing or Matching is not required for this funding opportunity.

How to Apply

All application materials must be submitted by email at the address given on the website.

For more information, please visit https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=315991

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