U.S. Department of State, Bureau of ISN/CTR: Open Source Research and Capacity Building to Counter Nonproliferation Challenges

Deadline: 1 February 2019

The Department of State’s Office of Cooperative Threat Reduction (ISN/CTR) has announced an open competition for assistance awards through this Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO).

ISN/CTR sponsors foreign assistance activities funded by the Nonproliferation, Antiterrorism, Demining and Related Programs (NADR) account, and focuses on mitigating proliferation and security risks from state and non-state actors.


By the end of the award’s period of performance, the recipient will have successfully developed and implemented a project to advance one or more of the following ISN/CTR objectives:

  • Provided reports with original data that can be used to inform nonproliferation program and policy objectives, as well as support outreach to foreign governments, private sector and industry;
  • Enhance capacity to prevent WMD proliferation and related transactions.
  • Enhance partner government capacity to counter state-based nonproliferation misdeeds and malign activities.


  • Line of Effort 1: Counter broad spectrum of state-based nonproliferation challenges through targeted capacity building efforts in the following priority areas:
    • Build Partner Capacity to Investigate Chemical and Radiological Weapon Assassinations.
    • Train Partner States to Identify and Prevent State-Based Efforts to Undermine Nonproliferation Regimes.
    • Train Partners to Counter State-based Disinformation Campaigns in the Nonproliferation Space.
    • Additional activities that build partner capacities to counter state-based nonproliferation challenges.
  • Line of Effort 2: Prevent, disrupt, and/or delay proliferation activities through open source research and capacity building.
    • Leverage open source research and commercially-available data to identify and monitor state-based proliferation activities.
    • Research and report on arms-related equipment deliveries, and analyze the financial structures of potential significant transactions.
    • Organize subject matter expert (SME)-led trainings, regional workshops, and table top exercises.
  • Line of Effort 3: Mitigate peer-rival countermeasures to avoid sanctions through sector-specific research and targeted outreach
    • Leverage open source information, defense industry and military trade expertise, and financial networks to detect and expose countermeasures employed by prohibited entities to avoid sanctions.
    • Efforts will also address state-based disinformation campaigns in the nonproliferation arena.

Funding Information

  • Award Period: 12 months.
  • Award Amount: ISN/CTR prefers projects that cost less than $500,000 though awards may involve multiple projects that cumulatively exceed $500,000.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Eligibility is limited to not-for-profit organizations subject to 501 (c) (3) of the tax code, for-profit organizations, and educational institutions.
  • Direct funding for both U.S. and non-U.S. organizations is available under this announcement.

How to Apply

Applicants should submit project proposals electronically via given website.

For more information, please visit https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/view-opportunity.html?oppId=310616

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