EU announces Call for Proposals on ‘Partnerships Facility for Asia’

Deadline: 14 June 2019 The European Union has announced its grant program entitled "Partnerships Facility for Asia" to increase the overall capacity of beneficiary countries to design and implement SDG related policies, regulations and activities. Priorities Area To improve the technical capacity of Asian partners in designing and implementing SDG-related policies and regulation, through the mobilisation of public sector expertise To engage in dialogue with Asian partners on SDG … [Read more...]

European Union issues CFPs on Gender Equality and Accountability of Public Institutions

Deadline: 15 May 2019 The European Union is currently accepting proposals from eligible organisations for a program entitled “Gender Equality and Accountability of Public Institutions”. Type of Lots Lot 1:Gender Equality The specific objectives of this Lot are: To support the work of CSOs in addressing the needs of vulnerable and marginalised Groups, including women and youth, with a particular focus on supporting the empowerment of these groups to claim their rights. To … [Read more...]

U.S. Mission to NATO’s 70th Anniversary: New Challenges and Changing Landscapes

Deadline: 13 May 2019 The Office of the Public Affairs Advisor (PAA) at the U.S. Mission to NATO (USNATO) has announced an open competition for not-for-profit, non-government organizations and think-tanks that focus on international affairs, defense and security issues, and U.S. and European relations to submit project proposals. They encourage project proposals to include public, on-the-record discussions and creative public engagements in Europe and Canada on the major theme of “How the … [Read more...]

Money Trail: Seeking Applications for Working Grants Program

Deadline: 25 March 2019 In Money Trail, is offering working grants for mixed teams of African, Asian and European journalists to investigate cross-border illicit financial flows, tax abuse and corruption in Africa, Asia and Europe. Grants are awarded to journalists solely by, with no input or oversight at any stage from the consortium as a whole. Funding Information The total amount per call is around 50.000 euro. The money comes from the … [Read more...]

Open Technology Fund announces Core Infrastructure Fund

Deadline:1 May 2019 Open Technology Fund has announced the Core Infrastructure Fund to support the ‘building block’ technologies, infrastructures, and communities relied upon by digital security and circumvention tools strengthening internet freedom, digital security, and the overall health of the internet. Award information OTF awards are performance-based contracts (see an example template here) signed directly with the applicant. Payment is issued on completion of stated objectives, … [Read more...]

Apply for Strategic Legal Fund for Vulnerable Young Migrants

Deadline: 3 May 2019 Applicants are invited to submit their applications for the Strategic Legal Fund for Vulnerable Young Migrants (SLF) program to legal work in the UK that goes beyond securing justice for an individual and makes a significant contribution to law, practice and procedures to uphold and promote the rights of vulnerable migrant children and young people more generally. The SLF aims to tackle injustices and inconsistencies in law and practice that disadvantage or discriminate … [Read more...]

UNESCO inviting European Young Heritage Professionals Forum 2019

Deadline: 28 March 2019 UNESCO, in partnership with the European Union, is organizing the European Young Heritage Professionals Forum 2019  from 20 to 24 May 2019 in Zadar, Croatia. The Forum is hosted by the Croatian Commission for UNESCO and the Croatian Ministry of Culture. As part of the World Heritage Education Programme and as the legacy of the European Year of Cultural Heritage (EYCH 2018), the five-day Forum is designed to foster intercultural learning and exchange. It will … [Read more...]

Nominations Open for The European Capital of Innovation Award 2019

Deadline: 6 June 2019 Nominations are open for "The European Capital of Innovation (iCapital) Award 2019" which is an annual cash prize awarded to the European city that is best able to demonstrate its ability to harness innovation to improve the lives of its citizens. In particular cities : Contribute to open and dynamic innovation ecosystems. Involve citizens in governance and decision-making. Use innovation to improve the resiliency and sustainability of their cities. This … [Read more...]

Apply for Cultures, Behaviours, and Histories of Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition Partnership Award 2019

Deadline: 16 May 2019 Applications are open for Cultures, Behaviours,and Histories of Agriculture, Food, and Nutrition Partnership Award 2019. This funding call will support the development of international, interdisciplinary, research partnerships which seek to explore the intersection of culture, behaviours, history, and society with all stages of the food systems chain in Lower and Middle Income Countries (LMICs). These should catalyse the creation of sustainable, balanced, equitable … [Read more...]

EU Call for Proposals: Preserve, Reinforce and Promote Palestinian Culture as Part of Fostering National Identity

Deadline: 30 April 2019 The European Union (EU) is seeking proposals from eligible organisations for a program entitled "Preserve, Reinforce and Promote Palestinian Culture as Part of Fostering National Identity" to protect and promote Palestinian identity contributing to human development in Palestine by involving the main institutional stakeholders and reinforcing the role of the civil society organisations. The specific objective(s) of this call for proposals are: Support … [Read more...]

Apply for International Award in Agribusiness 2019

Deadline: 31 March 2019 UNIDO ITPO Italy, the Italian Investment and Technology Promotion Office of the United Nations Organization for Industrial Development and the Future Food Institute of Bologna have launched the third edition of the International Award “Innovative Ideas and Technologies in Agribusiness”. The contest offers an opportunity at international level to highlight and promote new solutions to upgrade food security and safety requirements in DCs while creating links with the … [Read more...]

Rosa announces ‘Voices From The Frontline’ Programme for Supporting Women’s Organisations in UK

Deadline: 14 May 2019 Rosa is pleased to open the fourth round of their grants programme entitled "Voices From The Frontline" to support women’s organisations to shine a light on their fight for gender equality in the UK. The programme offers grants to support charitable campaigning work across Rosa’s four pillars: leadership and representation, safety, health and economic justice. Aims The programme aims to: Support campaigning, advocacy and activists working … [Read more...]

Michael Cornish Charitable Trust inviting Charities and Not-For-Profit Organisations

Deadline: 10 June 2019 The Michael Cornish Charitable Trust is inviting applicants from the charities and organisations based in the UK for its grants program. The Michael Cornish Charitable Trust is a grant making charitable organisation of UK founded by Michael Cornish in 2005. Charities and not-for-profit organisations can register and apply for a grant for a specific project. Applications are reviewed quarterly by the Trustees, taking into consideration the eligibility and purpose of each … [Read more...]

Submit Applications for D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust’s Grant Program

Deadline: 18 June 2019 The D’Oyly Carte Charitable Trust is seeking applications to fund charities that are registered and operating in United Kingdom for the advancement of arts, health and medical welfare and environmental protection or improvement. Funding Information Grant range is usually within £500 – £5,000. Funding Categories The Arts Promotion of access, education and excellence in the arts for young people to increase their opportunities to become involved outside school … [Read more...]

Apply for Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowship Program

Deadline: 1 June 2019 Applicants are invited to apply for Shuttleworth Foundation Fellowships Program that offers individuals to implement their innovative idea for social change. The Shuttleworth Foundation is a small social investor that provides funding to dynamic leaders who are at the forefront of social change. They look for social innovators who are helping to change the world for the better and could benefit from a social investment model with a difference. They identify amazing … [Read more...]

European Climate Initiative 2019: Call for Project Ideas

Deadline: 12 April 2019 The EUKI is inviting applications for 2019 Call for Project Idea Information on financing of projects under the framework of the European Climate Initiative (EUKI) of the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU). Funding Information A grant between EUR 50,000 and at most EUR 350,000 may be made for each project. The term of the project should be at least four months. Projects must be concluded in March 2022 at the … [Read more...]

EU-Tanzania Call for Proposals: Civil Society Organizations & European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights

Deadline: 7 May 2019 The European Union (EU) has announced its grant program entitled " Civil Society Organizations & European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights - Tanzania" to support and strengthen CSOs and human rights defenders' contribution towards the promotion of human rights, fundamental freedoms and democracy in Tanzania. Type of Lots For LOT 1 – CSOs ONLY: The specific objectives of this lot are: To support CSOs efforts in promoting freedom of expression, … [Read more...]

EU-Bosnia and Herzegovina: EIDHR- Country Based Support Scheme 2018

Deadline: 22 April 2019 The European Union (EU) is seeking proposals from eligible organisations for a program entitled “European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR): Bosnia and Herzegovina - Country Based Support Scheme 2018" to support civil society and human rights defenders in Bosnia and Herzegovina in working on human rights (political, civil, economic, social and cultural), and democratisation. The RBA implies that target groups are considered as ‘rights-holders’ with … [Read more...]

USAID: Supporting Emergency Agriculture Design and Standards (SEADS)

Deadline: 15 April 2019 The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is seeking applications for a cooperative agreement from qualified entities to implement Supporting Emergency Agriculture Design and Standards (SEADS). As part of USAID/OFDA’s Agriculture and Food Security strategy, OFDA/PSPM aims to support the development and dissemination of Supporting Emergency Agriculture Design and Standards (SEADS), which will provide guidance for designing and implementing … [Read more...]

Muste Institute: Seeking Applications for Social Justice Fund

Deadline: 8 July 2019 The A.J. Muste Memorial Institute is seeking applications for its Social Justice Fund to support grassroots activist projects in the US and around the world, giving priority to those with small budgets and little access to more mainstream funding sources. Priority Areas The Social Justice fund's priority is to support: direct grassroots activism and organizing groups with diverse, representative and democratic leadership structures groups that have or … [Read more...]