Sida International Training Programme on ‘Sustainable Urban Water and Sanitation’

Deadline: 10 May 2019

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) is seeking applications for its International Training Programme “Sustainable Urban Water and Sanitation – Integrated Processes”  to contribute to improved planning and implementation of more sustainable urban water and sanitation services, where the rights, needs and demands of all citizens including those of marginalised groups are taken into account.

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The term sustainability addresses environmental, social and economic long-term factors. Sustainability can be achieved only through an increased awareness of the need for integrated approaches and for long-term systems and by supporting key organisations in their processes for such a change.

The Programme is about 15 months and runs from August 2019 – October 2020.

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  • For the Participant
    • Increased knowledge of methods and tools for planning of sustainable urban water and sanitation systems
    • Increased capacity to initiate and drive organisational change processes
    • Shared experiences from colleagues in other parts of the world
    • Extended professional network
  • For the Organisation
    • Professional support for more sustainable and inclusive water and sanitation services
    • Educated and encouraged staff that will help achieve their strategic goals
    • Collaboration opportunities with various organisations, experts and agencies

Programme structure

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The training programme consists of five compulsory phases. The evolution of an organisational Change Project (CP) constitutes a major role, binding all phases together.

  • Phase 1 – Inception (4 months)
  • Phase 2 – In Sweden (3 weeks)
  • Phase 3 – Change Project Development (4 months)
  • Phase 4 – In Uganda (2 weeks)
  • Phase 5 – Implementation Continues (5 months)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Authorities, institutions, universities, NGOs, water utilities or other private companies active in the water and sanitation sector may nominate candidates.
  • The programme primarily targets organisations, not individuals, and efforts will be made to establish long-term relationships with key organisations. Such collaborative organisations should be willing to commit themselves to participation over several years and to cooperate with other organisations in the programme. Capacity and interest to drive change processes to achieve their long-term goals, and a certain level of influence on the water and sanitation sector, is a prerequisite to become a collaborative organisation. Candidates from collaborative organisations may be prioritised.
  • Applicants to the programme should:
    • hold a key position in their organisation, with influence at a strategic level;
    • have the engagement and power to initiate and drive change processes;
    • hold a relevant academic degree; and
    • be available and motivated for active participation through the whole training programme.

How to Apply

Interested applicants must download the application form via the given website.

Eligible Countries: Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

For more information, please visit

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  • Avatar Jacob Sakala says:

    Jamek general dealers wishes you’re assistance towards sponsorship academic school going pupils,infrastructure and sanitation in government schools project

  • Avatar Brown says:

    Great offer and opportunity to address water and sanitation in developing countries. Thanks

  • Avatar Brown says:

    Great offer and opportunity to address water and sanitation challenges in developing countries. Bravo.

  • Avatar Sentumbwe Daniel says:

    We are Youth Enterprenuership Finance Limited engaged in delivery of Microfinance services to the unbanked, more especially the youth Skilling them to engage in water and sanitation business and services, making ISSB bricks to construct affordable toilets to many people that have acutely lacked proper sanitation facilities. We train them will masonry skills, create employment and business for them. Ultimately we change poor traditional habits, improving youth employerbility, community hygiene & health, incomes, access to good sanitation and quality of life.
    We are very excited to join in and be part of this program to increase contribution in the delivery of water and sanitation to the masses

  • Avatar Ayodele Isaac Olubodun says:

    This is a good initiative programme in Africa. because water and sanitation training has become nessessory because of climate change in our continent.

  • Avatar Ayodele Isaac Olubodun says:

    I will like to be there

  • Avatar Joseph bulyerali says:

    It’s a blessing to have safe and clean water for our local communities in uganda

  • Avatar Sewando says:

    I am in need of the application form for the Sida International Training Programme on ‘Sustainable Urban Water and Sanitation.

    • Avatar Ritu at fundsforNGOs says:

      Hi Sewando,

      For more information regarding eligibility criteria, application process and more, please visit the link provided at the end of the post.

      Good Luck!

  • Avatar Grace Raphael says:

    We are NGo working with pastoralist in desert area no water .we need support .

    • Avatar Priyanka says:

      Hi Grace Raphael,

      FundsforNGOs is a social enterprise that provides fundraising guides, resources, and the latest funding opportunities to help you fundraise better and secure grant funding. We are not a funding organization and we do not provide grants.

      Please find some great opportunities by visiting

      Good Luck!

  • Avatar Meikles says:

    This has come at a right time ,most of our people have no access to clean water and sanitation. I am interested in the training program .

    • Avatar Komal says:

      Hi Meikles,

      Thank you for your interest in the opportunity.

      To get detailed information on eligibility criteria and application requirements, please visit the link provided at the end of the post.

      Good Luck!

  • Avatar Annet says:

    We at Father Bash Foundation need water sanitation solutions for over 10,000 disadvantaged children spread across 10 schools in Western Uganda. The girl child should be given attention especially in regard to menstrual management and more so because access to sanitary pads is very minimal. We would appreciate if given the chance to access this program

    • Avatar Priyanka says:

      Hi Annet,

      Yes, Uganda is eligible to apply. For more information on eligibility criteria, application process and more, please visit the link given on the last line of the post.

      Good Luck!

  • Avatar Banda Griffin says:

    The program under discussion is very cardinal and quite interesting. Here in Eastern part of Zambia (Mambwe district ), many schools and surrounding communities don’t have safe clean water to drink. Most communities dig their drinking water from the sand in the river bank. Most of this water is very contaminated because people and animals drink from the same source. Hence water borne diseases are very common. On the other hand, schools had embarked on planting fruit trees in orchards, but it never worked out because fruit -seedlings withered due to lack of water for irrigation. Lives in these communities are on jeopardy due to lack of water. I don’t know how I can deliver my grievance to this board.

    • Avatar Reena says:

      Hi Banda Griffin,

      Thank you for your interest in the opportunity.

      To get detailed information on eligibility criteria and application requirements, please visit the link provided at the end of the post.

      Good Luck!

  • Avatar Kassim Nkya says:

    Great opportunity

  • Avatar Steve Bugumba says:

    Great 👍🏾 Work

  • Avatar Joseph Vincent says:

    This programme is commendable to tqrget countries and interesting

  • Avatar Mswapeķ says:

    I dont seem to find the link for application form download. Kindly assist

  • Avatar Nicholas Charles says:


  • Avatar Mandy Chimoto says:

    Zimbabwe please

  • Avatar Kalemba Christopher says:

    Great initiative we work in the cattle in southern uganda which has a lot challenges in water! Failure to harvest and maintenance of water sources

  • Avatar stephen Aloys says:

    This is timely program due to water and sanitary approach to address challenges, I do hope that this program will work for betterment of our community development.

  • Avatar Geoffrey Kingu says:

    Please sent application form for proposal

  • Avatar Obeng Derrick Akuoko Yaw says:


    Please any plans to extend this opportunity for Ghanaians?

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