Global Affairs Canada Call for Proposals: Dismantling Barriers & Improving the Quality of Education for Women and Girls

Deadline: 13 February 2019

Global Affairs Canada has launched a call for proposals for experienced Canadian organizations with a view to increasing access and investing in quality education, and supporting skills development for women and girls in fragile, conflict and crisis situations, including in refugee-hosting countries.

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This call will support development assistance projects in fragile, conflict and crisis situations, including in refugee-hosting countries. The call is intended to promote greater coherence between humanitarian actors and host governments and to increase access and reduce barriers to quality education for women and girls. Projects must clearly demonstrate collaboration with one or more local organization(s) or include a plan outlining how this collaboration will be formed.

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  • Proposal must align with at least one of the following three programming pillars in fragile, conflict and crisis situations, including in refugee-hosting countries:
    • Barriers: Address harmful social norms and other barriers that hinder the demand for, and access to, education for girls and women in order to increase the equitable access to safe, secure, quality and inclusive education and learning opportunities for girls, adolescent girls and women, including those with disabilities.
    • Systems: Expand and improve the provision of inclusive, gender-responsive, safe,accessible, equitable and quality pre-primary, primary and secondary education.
    • Skills: Increase girls’ and women’s equitable access to quality gender-responsive skills development and higher education.
  • Proposal must:
    • advance gender equality in a targeted or fully integrated manner;
    • apply a human rights-based approach and examine how intersecting identity factors impact access for and inclusion of those most at risk of being left behind,including persons with disabilities, Indigenous peoples, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex populations and other vulnerable groups;
    • demonstrate existing organizational capacity to readily implement the project in the proposed country(ies); and
    • integrate strategies and efforts to ensure the sustainability of results that are practical, realistic and comprehensive.
  • Aligned with the Charlevoix Declaration, proposal must also demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the project’s context and issues. Please document the ways in which applicant’s project will (at least one of the following must be included):
    • address at least one of the critical cycles in a girl’s education—pre-primary (early years), primary (childhood), secondary (adolescence) or skills development(transition to adulthood);
    • support boys’ or men’s engagement to accelerate progress toward gender equality in education;
    • support innovative education delivery;
    • promote coordination between actors to support education across the humanitarian-development continuum; and
    • build the evidence base through research and strengthened gender-sensitive education-management information systems and advocate for girls’ and women’s rights and empowerment.

Funding Information

  • The total amount of funding available under this call for proposals is up to $80 million over five years.
  • Global Affairs Canada may fund any number of proposals or none, up to the maximum funding available. However, the department expects to fund up to seven or eight initiatives with project durations of at least three years up to a maximum of five years.

Geographic Scope

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Applicant proposed project will take place in one or more official development assistance (ODA)-eligible fragile, conflict- or crisis-affected or refugee-hosting countries such as those included in this indicative index: Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s States of Fragility Framework 2018:Highlights. Applicants wishing to propose projects in ODA-eligible fragile,conflict- or crisis-affected or refugee-hosting countries that are not included in this index may do so with an accompanying rationale aligned with the call for proposal objectives.

Organization Eligibility

This call is open to Canadian organizations, which may submit an application alone or in collaboration with other organizations, either as signatories or non-signatories. Applicants are encouraged to collaborate with other Canadian or international organizations. The signatory (or signatories) must:

  • be legally incorporated in Canada
  • provide two separate financial statements for the most recent fiscal years (audited statements are preferred; if these are not available, the statements must be signed by a member of each signatory’s board of directors, by the board’s delegate or by the owner(s); note also that since financial statements usually provide comparative information from the previous year, these statements will be used to do a three-year trend analysis);
  • provide an Organization attestation signed by the applicant’s chief financial officer or a duly authorized board member; and
  • submit only one application under this call as the lead signatory (the lead signatory is the signatory that will complete the organization and contact information in the proposal form; if organization submits more than one application under this call as a lead signatory, they will consider only the application with the earliest submission time stamp).

How to Apply

Applicants should submit their proposals at the address given on the website.

For more information,please visit

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  • Avatar Pinky Ngewu says:

    Do none Canadian NGOs allowed to apply for this grant?

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