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What type of Due Diligence do Donors undertake to identify the NGO they can fund?

Over the last few years, there has been a considerable growth in the number of cases, wherein the funds provided to NGOs have been misused and organizations have indulged in financial mismanagement/corruption. Therefore, donors these days are very much concerned about the charities they made and the money donated is used for legitimate purposes and is reaching its intended beneficiaries. When donors give money to charities, especially large amounts of money, it's vital to ensure that … [Read more...]

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How to Build a Successful Relationship with Corporate Donors

Charity fundraising has changed dramatically over the last few years. Private corporations have opened up new gatweways (support/funding) for NGOs through their CSR activities to support the respective sector in several ways. Though for NGOs the fundraising process is challenging, a methodological approach can ease out the process. To increase your chances of securing a grant from corporate donors, you must develop a comprehensive approach for building a strong relationship with … [Read more...]

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How to Write Proposals under Tight Deadlines

A proposal is an essential document that demonstrates how you intend to deliver impact in the domain and geography you work or plan to work. The timely submitted proposal is an initial step towards building a lasting relationship between NGOs and donors. Nowadays, NGOs are flooded with a lot of opportunities, and due to less time and resources, many coveted and awaited opportunities slip away from their hands. NGOs invest a large amount of time in writing a proposal to support their project. … [Read more...]

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How to Impress your Donors with this Project Results Framework

In recent years, we have witnessed a trend wherein most donor agencies use internationally agreed principles of results-based management to measure, manage, and report results. It helps focus on specific outcomes. A well-conceived results framework clearly outlines the ultimate objectives of the project, program, or strategy, rather than merely listing implementation activities, processes, and inputs. It facilitates a focus on specific expected outcomes. The Results Framework begins with … [Read more...]

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A Precise Guide on Top Donors Addressing Issues Related to HIV and AIDS (May 2019)

We've come a long way in our understanding of HIV and AIDS, but discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS is still rampant. This stigma is deeply ingrained in our society which refers to negative beliefs, feelings and attitudes towards people living with HIV. There are many nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) engaged in the global response to HIV and AIDS. They have been playing a critical role in not only addressing the HIV and AIDS issue but also for its treatment and support for those … [Read more...]

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Top Donors Supporting LGBTQ Projects (May 2019)

Myths and misconceptions are deeply ingrained in our society and most importantly, a generic sense of the LGBT community being a taboo is still relevant to an uncomfortable extent. Traditions and culture make it harder for LGBTs to compete for opportunities or to even enjoy peace just being who they are. They seek equality and non-discrimination—rights that they inherently own. To some extent, they have gained big and small wins in its fight for equal rights. In the last few years, the … [Read more...]

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Top International Donors Supporting Conservation and Protection of Planet Earth (April 2019)

Every year on 22 April, World Earth Day is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm with a mission to broaden and diversify the environmental movement worldwide and to make earth a planet that can combat climate change and lead to sustainable development. The day is held to demonstrate and promote environmental awareness and calls for the protection of our planet. On this day, more than 193 countries pledge to take the necessary steps towards saving our environment from human … [Read more...]

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Best Funding Opportunities of 2019 for NGOs Around the World

This is the competitive world, and we have seen many NGOs struggling to find the suitable opportunities in which they can apply. For these NGOs, fundraising is a tedious task and with the lack of knowledge and expertise, these small NGOs miss out on valuable opportunities. FunsforNGOs has always provided its users with ample and best opportunities in various areas from across the globe to apply for. We have gathered a list of best opportunities of 2019 which provide small and large size … [Read more...]

NGO Monitoring and Evaluation Systems for Assured Grant Success

Monitoring and evaluation is a vital process in NGOs to ensure their alignment with best practices, for organizational learning, and even grant success. It is a tool for identifying and documenting successful programs and approaches and tracking progress toward common indicators across related projects. They are the separate practices that determine NGO’s overall performance and assesses whether the project is achieving its set targets or not. Monitoring and evaluation together guide NGOs … [Read more...]

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A Short Guide on How to Conduct Successful Donor Meetings

Meetings are an excellent opportunity to meet donors and to start a dialogue with them. It is the first and foremost step towards donor relationship building that helps in creating a true image of your organization. Being able to schedule a meeting with them is a good indication for the potential collaborations or seeking corporate funding or sponsorship for your organization. Donor meetings are essential for networking and to make personal contacts with people working in your field, … [Read more...]

Top Donors Offering Support to Youth Organizations (April 2019)

Youth is a most critical aspect of our society. They aren’t just the leaders of tomorrow – they’re making huge changes to the world around them. Youth now has a positive approach towards society and are more seen to embrace the issues directly affecting them. They play a major role and are taking up initiatives to make our society more steady and prosper. Seeing this positive attitude towards society, many NGOs are now preferring to work with the youth and for the youth to bring about … [Read more...]

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Know Your Donors: A Guide on Donors Supporting Sports for Development (April 2019)

Sports contribute to the physical activities, mental well-being and social interaction that go beyond competitive sports. From much recent year, sports development has become a part of humanitarian and development work as well as a part of the corporate social responsibility practices. Promotion of sports and increased participation of individuals have a wider effect of benefiting the community. Sports can be used as a tool for change to end violence, discrimination, and disadvantage for … [Read more...]

Top International Donors Funding WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Programs (March 2019)

The well being of a nation depends upon sustainable development, and for this, water supply and sanitation are essential requirements. Proper sanitation facilities are in turn, essential ingredients of a healthy and productive life. For better health of people, the provision public utilities like water supply and sanitation is necessary. Availability of water and good sanitation contributes significantly towards improving human lives and in the development of every country. This has inspired … [Read more...]

Top Funding Opportunities Closing (End-of-March 2019)

As we are in the mid of March, we have come across several great opportunities in the areas of Agriculture, Children, Education, HIV/AIDS, Gender Equality, Women Empowerment, Youth and many more which can benefit NGOs and individuals. There are many NGOs who face difficulty in finding the best funding resources for their organization. Therefore, several international organizations and foundations open their calls regularly to support NGOs seeking funding. We have always been providing … [Read more...]

A Simple Guide on How to Submit a Funding Request to Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Writing/Submitting a funding request can be a huge undertaking for any NGO. Putting your request in writing allows you the opportunity to outline your organization's financial needs and provide background information about the population you serve and the ways you plan to use the funding. Writing for funding request requires a lot of brainstorming and appropriate knowledge of facts and figures. Always keep in mind, you are asking for money, so you always need to be professional and know your … [Read more...]

How NGOs can Prepare Themselves for Donor Visits

Ever wondered what is it that some NGOs get funding from donors easily while some have to put all their efforts into getting the donor to help them in their endeavors? What makes some NGOs present their work better to their donors than others who are putting in the same intensity? Well, here is the answer. A well planned and organized “Donor’s Visit." But what exactly makes a regular donor visit the perfect one? If you want to know the answer, you shouldn’t worry because we have just the … [Read more...]

2019 Grant Opportunities for Women and Women’s Empowerment

Every year, on 8 March 2019, the world celebrates International Women's Day with great enthusiasm and joy. This day is all about unity, celebration, reflection, advocacy, and action. The theme for International Women’s Day 2019 is "Think equal, build smart, innovate for a change." The theme will focus on innovative ways in which we can advance gender equality and the empowerment of women, particularly in the areas of social protection systems, access to public services and sustainable … [Read more...]

Small Grants and Donors for Women’s Projects

Women have always been an essential part of our society, and their importance has always been undeniably immense. The contribution of women is very crucial in building up of the community. She plays different characters in her life: sometimes daughter, sometimes mother, a wife, a friend, and the list is never-ending. Women are considered as the epitome of strength, beauty, and intelligence. Many women have worked and are working for the betterment of India. They are an inspiration to other … [Read more...]

Donors Giving Grants for Wildlife Protection

This year, on 3 March 2019, World Wildlife Day will be celebrated across the globe with the theme 'Life below water: for people and planet.' This is for the first time, World Wildlife Day is focusing on life below water. It is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the breathtaking diversity of marine life, the crucial importance of marine species to human development, and how we can make sure it will continue to provide these services for future generations. Marine wildlife has … [Read more...]

Top Grants and Donors for Tackling Discrimination

The stigma of discrimination is somewhere deep rooted in our society. Whether it is gender, skin color or social class; people have set standards of what is socially acceptable. People around the world are facing this stigma which also culminates numerous cases involving violence and injustice. Men and Women both contribute and build society and have different roles to play. Knowing this fact, gender discrimination against women is most prevalent in society. It is the common cause that … [Read more...]