EU seeking Proposals to Promote Citizen Participation and Entrepreneurship of Burkinabe Youth

Deadline: 31 May 2019

The European Union (EU) is seeking proposals to promote citizen participation and Burkinabè youth entrepreneurship.

The specific objectives for each of the two lots of the call are:

  • Specific objective Lot 1 “Citizen participation of young people”: Strengthen citizen participation of young people and contribute to rebuilding trust between young people and Low confidence of young people to the rulers, incivism, the lack of opportunities for access to decision-making positions in political parties limit the participation of young people in the formulation, implementation and evaluation of public policies. Allow youth to have appropriate forums to be heard and interact with other actors, facilitate the implementation of projects designed by young people and for young people would help reverse this trend.
  • Specific objective Lot 2 “Youth entrepreneurship in rural, urban and peri-urban areas”: Promote youth entrepreneurship in rural, urban and peri-urban areas and contribute to the fight against against the root causes of irregular migration and forced displacement. The mismatch between educational system, technical and vocational training on the one hand and the needs of the labor market on the other hand, the administrative and banking burdens and a tax system perceived as too are all barriers to employment (and self-employment) of young people. In such a context and lack of accompanying and follow-up measures, the companies created have a short life span (three years in medium) and struggle to secure sustainable jobs for young people. In rural areas, this situation is aggravated by the absence of a specific support system taking into account the specificity of the activity low access to information on trades and a greater scarcity and more certain factors of production (water and energy in particular). These factors exacerbate the lack of perspectives, the impoverishment of youth, mass unemployment, migration and young people enlisting in jihadist networks. Address the problem of youth entrepreneurship in rural, urban and peri-urban areas contributes to the efforts of the Government and other partners technical and financial resources to provide solutions to the issue of youth employment.

Funding Information

Any grant requested under this call for proposals must be between following minimum and maximum amounts:

  • Lot 1
    • minimum amount: EUR 200,000
    • maximum amount: EUR 250,000
  • Lot 2
    • minimum amount: 500.000 EUR
    • maximum amount: EUR 750,000

Eligibility Criteria

  • Lead Applicant
    • Lots 1 and 2: To be eligible for a grant, the lead applicant must:
      • be a legal person and
      • have no profit and
      • belong to one of the following categories of organization: non-governmental organization, organization of civil society as defined in Article 43 of the Rules implementing the Financial Regulation of the European Union and
      • be established in Burkina Faso and / or in an eligible third country where in the latter case the statutes are registered locally, and / or a memorandum of understanding has been concluded.
      • be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with the co-applicants and the affiliated entity or entities, and not act as an intermediary and
      • For British applicants: Please note that the eligibility criteria must be respected throughout the duration of the grant. Unless otherwise provided by the rules sectoral eligibility, if the United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union during the grant period in the absence of an agreement with the EU guaranteeing, inter alia, that Applicants from the UK continue to be eligible, applicants will no longer receive funding from the EU (while continuing, if possible, to participate) or they will be required to leave the project on the basis of the article [insert reference to the article of the grant termination of the contract (modification of the beneficiary’s legal position)] ‘
      • be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the action with the co-applicants and the affiliated entity or entities and not act as an intermediary
      • prove that he has regularly carried out activities for more than 2 years the lot field for which the proposal was submitted;
  • Co-Applicant (s)
    • The co-applicants participate in the development and implementation of the action, and the costs they are eligible in the same way as those borne by the lead applicant.
    • Co-applicants must meet the same eligibility criteria as those applying to lead applicant himself.
  • Affiliated entity (ies)
    • The lead applicant and his co-applicant (s) may act with one or more affiliated entities. Only the following entities may be considered affiliated to the lead applicant and / or to the co-applicant (s):
      • Only those entities that have a structural link with the applicants (the lead applicant or a co-applicant), in particular a legal or capital link.
      • This structural link mainly encompasses two notions:
        • control, within the meaning of Directive 2013/34 / EU on annual financial statements, consolidated financial statements and related reports of certain types of enterprises:
          • Entities affiliated with an applicant may therefore be:
            • entities controlled directly or indirectly by the applicant (subsidiaries or subsidiaries of first rank) or controlled by an entity itself controlled by the applicant (sub-subsidiaries or second level affiliates), and this is valid for other levels of control;
            • entities directly or indirectly controlling the applicant (parent companies). Of the similarly, they may be entities controlling an entity controlling the applicant;
            • controlled entities, directly or indirectly, at the same level as the applicant (sister companies).
        • membership, ie the applicant is legally defined as, for example, a network, a federation or association of which the proposed affiliated entity is a member, or the applicant is a member of the same entity (for example, a network, federation or association) that the proposed affiliated entity.

How to Apply

In order to apply for the grants, applicants have to register themselves in PADOR, an on-line database via given website.

For more information, please visit and download the guidelines.

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