Fondation Ensemble: Call for Proposals for 2019 Two Grant Programmes

Deadline: 1 February 2019

The Fondation Ensemble is currently accepting proposals from eligible organizations to provide funding under two grant programmes:

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  • Programme Fund: Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Fishing, Biodiversity Conservation, Sustainable Technologies projects
  • Endangered Animal Species small grants Fund

The Foundation attaches great importance to expertise throughout the project cycle. The greater the sharing of expertise, the more relevant, and thus more sustainable, projects become. Everything is interconnected.

Key Dates

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  • For Programme Fund
    • Results of the concept note evaluation: March
    • Submission of full proposals for the pre-selected projects: April
    • Examination of the full proposals: May
    • Experts Forum: June
    • Final selection: July
    • Establishment of grant agreements: October-December
    • Deadline for signature of grant agreements: December
  • For Endangered Animal Species small grants Fund
    • Final selection: May
    • Establishment of grant agreements: June

Eligible Countries:

  • For ‘Programme Fund’, the following countries are eligible: Ecuador, Peru, Mozambique, Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.
  • For ‘Threatened Animal Species’ small grants projects, there are no country restrictions.

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