U.S. Mission to Ukraine: 2018 Ambassadors Funds for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) Small Grants Program

Deadline: 20 December 2017

The U.S. Embassy in Ukraine is pleased to announce call for proposals for its 2018 U.S. Ambassadors Funds for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) Small Grants Program.


  • Cultural Sites this might include (but is not limited to) historic buildings and sites, monuments, and archaeological sites:
    • Restoration of a historic building;
    • Preservation of an archaeological site;
    • Documentation of sites in a region for preservation purposes.
  • Cultural Objects and Collections from a museum, site, or similar institution includes archaeological and ethnographic objects, paintings, sculpture,manuscripts, and general museum conservation activities:
    • Conservation treatment of an object or collection of objects;
    • Needs assessment of a collection with respect to its condition and strategies for improving its state of conservation;
    • Inventory of a collection for conservation and protection purposes;
    • The creation of safe environments for storage or display of collections;
    • Specialized training in the care and preservation of collections.
  • Forms of Traditional Cultural Expression includes traditional music, dance, indigenous languages, and crafts:
    • Documenting and audiovisual recording of traditional music, indigenous languages and dance forms for preservation and broad dissemination;
    • Support for training in the preservation of traditional applied arts or crafts that are threatened by extinction.

Funding Information

The minimum award amount is $10,000 and the maximum is $200,000. AFCP does not require but welcomes cost sharing, contributions and other forms of cost participation.

Eligibility Criteria

Reputable and accountable nongovernmental organizations, museums, ministries of culture, or similar institutions and organizations that are able to demonstrate that they have the requisite experience and capacity to manage projects to preserve cultural heritage.

How to Apply

Applicants can apply via given website.

For more information, please visit 2018 Ambassadors Funds for Cultural Preservation (AFCP) Small Grants Program.

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