UNCDF: Seeking Applications for Mentorship Platform Support and Management

Deadline: 10 December 2018

UNCDF is seeking applications for its program entitled “Mentorship Platform Support and Management” to support UNCDF in deploying mentorship model to support its work under Inclusive Innovation work.

UNCDF is implementing an innovation engagement in Malaysia and China followed by other countries of Asia, Africa and The Pacific, that would focus on driving usage of digital finance and digital innovations working on various use-cases where technology plays a key part. Overall objective of these services is to empower various segments (women, youth, refugees, migrants, MSMEs, farmers) in their daily lives. This will be achieved by supporting various stakeholders in the market:

  • Working with the established providers to solve some key challenges of these segments by crowding in solutions across start-ups or individuals and
  • Working with start-ups to solve use-cases that would drive customers to actively consume financial and digital services.
  • In the process UNCDF will also work with government and regulators to support innovation and open frameworks that could drive creation of plug and play model between start-ups and industry players.

Expected Outputs

  • Management of all the mentor profiles on an online tool that will be integrated with UNCDF website
  • Sign template agreement with mentees for the provision of mentor support. The template will be provided by UNCDF and will include the necessary reporting requested for the support provided.
  • Matchmaking of mentors and mentees for specific engagement and submitting the brief outputs outlining the topics of engagement, manhours spent etc. on a quarterly basis
  • Maintain an updated list of mentors in the programme and connect with them on regular basis to seek their engagement
  • There is a preference to have pro-bono mentors. But for certain skills if there is a payment requirement. The firm will manage the payment including the logistics for the mentors to participate
  • Work with UNCDF in streamlining the process of this entire engagement end-to-end. And keep that updated.
  • Regularly source mentors through their network to fill in the skill gap and to have a bench. The other sources for mentorship may include UNCDF enabling partners who would like to volunteer their time or UNCDF staff or UNCDF LTA partners staff

Expected Deliverables

Deliverables of this engagement would include the following:

  • A report in Word document outlining the process of mentorship engagement along with all templates to be used during the process
  • In a power-point presentation, submit a report to UNCDF end of every two months detailing the no of manhours consumed under the programme along with topics and categories across which these engagements took place Online platform (working confirmed through the quarterly report) with total no of mentors registered, active during a period, mentees engaged
  • The firm will provide to UNCDF the quarterly reporting of each mentees based on the agreement signed.
  • One-hour webinar or equivalent outlining the process with UNCDF team

Eligibility Criteria

  • Any type of organization (commercial for-profit firms, educational institutions, and nonprofit organizations) is eligible to compete.
  • Demonstrated experience in managing either acceleration programme or consulting firm that works on the model of hiring consultants on retainer basis.
  • Experience and understanding in space of digital economy and digital finance including digital payments, digital finance, government payments, electronic money, financial inclusion, blockchain, AI, etc.
  • Network in the space of digital economy and digital finance that could be brought to the disposal of UNCDF.
  • Experience working with large international organizations.
  • Methodology, planning and team proposed.
  • Language: Fluency in English.
  • Have confirmed human resources to cover all planned/required activities.
  • Provide written confirmation (Annex 1) that the organization has reviewed the UNCDF Grant Agreement template (available upon request), is prepared to sign it by December 30th, 2018 without revision to standard language.
  • Submit a complete application.

How to Apply

Applicants can submit their applications via email at the address given on the website.

For more information, please visit https://bit.ly/2DxLzi0

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