Call for Nominations: International Bremen Peace Award 2019

Deadline: 15 December 2018

The schwelle Foundation is inviting nominations for “International Bremen Peace Award” with an aim to honour people and organizations that set an example through their work contributing to reconciliation, human rights, overcoming of racism, social justice, sustainable handling of nature and environment as well as to intercultural and interreligious understanding.

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The Foundation will confer for the ninth time the International Bremen Peace Award for exemplary commitments to Justice, Peace and the Integrity of Creation.

Award Categories

  • Grassroots Peace Worker: This award goes to dedicated individuals and their projects, with special emphasis on future-oriented peace work at the grassroots level; for example, striving for peace in forgotten conflicts, struggling for the rights of marginalized people, or fighting against habitat destruction.
  • Peace Ambassador in Public Life: This award goes to renowned public figures that persistently and courageously support Peace, Justice, and the Integrity of Creation, be it in international networks or in different areas of society, such as media, arts, sciences or politics.
  • Award of the Donors for Encouraging Initiatives: This award goes to initiatives or organizations that do especially creative, exemplary or sustainable peace work.

Award Information

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  • The award winners will be honoured during a public ceremony at the Bremen Town Hall on November 15, 2019.
  • The awards are endowed with 5,000 Euros in each category.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Proposals for the Bremen Peace Award should be submitted by third parties or organizations.
  • Self-nominations will not be accepted.
  • Proposals should be submitted, preferably in English, German or Spanish.

Applicants can send their proposals with the following documentation:

  • Full name and address (including email and phone number) of the suggested person/organization, website and name of contact person in organizations
  • Reasons for the proposal (not more than 3 pages).
  • Information regarding previously received awards, if any.
  • Brief presentation of themselves as the person/organization submitting a proposal.
  • What is their relationship with the nominated person/organization, how did they get to know the person/organization?

How to Apply

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Interested applicants can send their nominations at the address given on the website.

For more information, please visit


  • Avatar ibrahima yakubu says:

    It is my great pleasure to recommend Mrs Ramatu Tijjani for “Grassroots Peace Worker 2018” in recognition of her outstanding dedication and tireless efforts in addressing and raising awareness on the need to shun vengeance attack between differents faith base organization in nigeria, This is simply because of the various commitment and contribution she gave toward promoting peaceful co-existence between Muslims and Christians and other traditional believers in kaduna,North –western Nigeria.
    Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country with 185 million people. Its two leading religions are Christianity and Islam, and good relations between followers of these two religions are critical for peace in Nigeria.
    For the past 5 years,she involve her self into promoting Religious Tolerance at churches , Mosques, and Temples which is aimed at enhancing better understanding among different faith base organization in northern Nigeria, Before the kick start of her Initiation, there were so many ethno-religious, political killings that has cause the destruction of Many churches and mosques including the temples in the region, but as a result of organizing serious of conferences with Top Islamic scholars and Christians clerics which is aimed at promoting interreligious tolerance, there was a reduction in the numbers of killings and reprisal attacks in the name of religious Teachings
    She noted that the impact of the previous ethno religious and political crises in Kaduna state that claimed hundreds of lives and properties was a serious setback to peaceful co-existence in Kaduna and northern Nigeria at large, hence the need for clerics from both religions to preach sermons that foster unity and peaceful co-existence and that is why she is now into peace building, and she is taking her Campaign to both rural and urban settlers,in other to have an ever lasting peace and harmony between muslims-christians and non religious believers
    Kaduna state is the heart of the 19 northern state of Nigeria, but the state is divided into Two sections due to the out break of Ethno-religious political crisis that claims live of hundreds of innocents citizens ,The northern region is highly dominated by Muslims while the southern part of the state is equally dominated by the Christians,but her organization is working hard toward reuniting the people irrespective of their socio-political and religious differences that divided the state into 2 sections
    It is not easy to see a Muslims woman taking peace campaign to churches in an area that was highly dominated by the Christians, but she does enter the churches and delivered her peace campaign to all the members,so as to enhance interreligious tolerance and also find means of encouraging peace and harmony among Nigerians,but also her work has contributed to the successful transition of thousands of families and individuals.
    It must be noted that This nominee has taken the initiative to do something to help kaduna community ,toward bringing back peace and unity ,and educate the young once at the Ghettos at the importance of tolerating each other irrespective of their socio –political,cultural and ethnicity differences.
    Additionally, she was the first Muslims woman from Northern Nigeria who voluntarily bought over 50 Copies of Holy Bibles that was written in Hausa language which was distributed to the Christians in the church ,in other to promote better understanding among muslims-christians in the state,so as to promote peace among Citizens” While reiterating that both religions preach peace, harmony, forgiveness and tolerance, she noted, “We all are from Adam and Eve and because both Muslims and Christians have their books and scriptures that guide them, we should rely on the scriptures.”
    Every year During Easter celebration ,she usually doled out chickens and food items to over 50 poor Christian widows and orphans to celebrate the Easter with joy and happiness like every other Christians world wide, the gesture was to assist the beneficiaries and help in building understanding, peace and unity among the people devoid of religious sentiments,and indeed this is a method of promoting peace, building inter-religious tolerance and better understanding among different faith based organisations in Nigeria,again,Furthermore she used to distributed dozens of Chickens to Christian widows and orphans in Kaduna, Northwest of the country to celebrate the Easter ,
    She observed that due to hardship and economic recession , not all widows would be able to feed or make their children happy during the season. Adding tha the gesture would be extended to other neighbouring churches in Kaduna north, with the aim at promoting peace and unity as well as spreading the messages of interfaith among the two religious followers.
    This nominee has touched and enriched the lives of Many Internally Displaced person I.D.Ps through the various assistance on humanian Aid she usually assist to some of the Victims that were affected with Crisis of North-eastern Nigeria Boko haram(the Jihadist) and also assist many orphanage homes with food items,not also forgotten her contribution to the childrens of Destitutes that are sleeping on the street,indeed , Her initiatives have demonstrated lasting results and impacted to thousands of individuals in her kaduna and some part of Northern Nigeria
    There is no doubt ,that She usually go to prisons and bail out Christian inmate from the prisons for the sole purpose of going home to observed their Lenten period, She noted that some inmates were being held in prisons across the country, even though they were not guilty of the offences against them but because of lapses in the nation’s judicial system.
    “Such people need help, regardless of their religion or political affiliation, and helping such prisoners would surely assist in fostering peace and unity in the country,’’
    Indeed her organization “foundation for the protection of women and children” has been organizing series of street Campaign which is aimed at rising an awareneness against Torture and child trafficking for domestic used,she has been in most of the media houses creating awareness,so as to find means of reducing the increasing daily battle because couples and child molestation in the region
    In addition to her work, she support the churche of Christ evangelical intercessory fellowship ministry with Utensil for cleaning the premises of holy place,its really wonderfull seeing muslims woman using all means of promoting interreiligious Tolerance and also enhance better understanding among differents faith base organization, and she is doing all these with the little support which she usually do received from her father,
    It must be noted that this is not the fisrt time,she is sponsoring reading and written among Inmate and wihich is also aimed at promoting the culture of religious tolerance irrespective of their differences among the prisonners,on how to accommodate and live in peace and harmony with every one that is living in the penitentiary; The aims of the reading and written among the Inmate is to strengthening their capacities base on promoting inter-and intra religious harmony.
    Sincerely speaking,This nominee clearly exemplifies the virtue of good citizenship and has gone over and above simply volunteering her time with other peace organization and Civil society organization,so as to spread the message of love,forgiveness among citizens of Nigeria,I must comfess that Her dedication and achievement has been impressive.
    She was the first muslims women who donate Christmas trees to Christian Association of Nigeria C.A.N and her reasons for this is to see religious harmony been improved in the country,and to see how every muslims and Christians should learn how to support each other in term of humanitian assistance
    Another reason why I nominated her is simply because of the various way she play in uniting the muslims –christians youth through organizing friendly football match competition between muslims communities and Christians communities,so as to spread the message of peace and promote inter-sport activities that will enhance more friendly matches among youth of differents communities. I have witness one of the matches she organize and that has promote unity,peace and love among Nigerians
    In a nutshell,She has been advocating for the creation of an institute for comparative studies to promote religious tolerance in the country,because according to her, creation of the institute would encourage religious tolerance, harmony, and end ethno-religious crises in the country.
    Because of these efforts,Mrs Ramatu has earned not only the award for “2017 peace Volunteer of the Year” at the centre for peace and conflict Nigeria, but also the respect and gratitude of those for whom and with whom she serves, her neighborhood residents, and her peers . As one of those peers whom Ramatu has inspired and motivated to the service to humanity , I strongly urge you to award her “Grassroots Peace Worker 2018”
    In summary; These is impact of her contribution for peace and unity in Kaduna-Nigeria
    1-There is a reduction of holy places attack due to awareness she rise which is aimed at promoting peace,unity and Tolerance among different faith base organization
    2-There is Free-movement of muslims in Christians dominated areas,so also there is a free movement of Christians in a muslims dominated environment
    3-there was an improvement in the aspect of interfaith and harmony activities in some part of northern Nigeria due to the kind of peace conference and event which she usually organize
    4-Also the use of friendly matches among rival communities has promote in bringing back peace and unity among various youth organization
    5-Both muslims and Christians has begins to sees themserves as brothers and sisters through the Campaign she usually take to holy places,and that has promoted the spirit of Togetherness among citizens

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