Muste Institute’s Social Justice Fund: Supporting Grassroots Activist Projects

Deadline: 4 March 2019

The A.J. Muste Memorial Institute is seeking applications for its Social Justice Fund to support grassroots activist projects in the US and around the world, giving priority to those with small budgets and little access to more mainstream funding sources.

Priority Areas

The Social Justice Fund’s priority is to support:

  • direct grassroots activism and organizing
  • groups with diverse, representative and democratic leadership structures
  • groups which have or can obtain sufficient economic and in-kind support
  • from a diversity of sources to carry out their regular work, but need additional support to carry out a project or build capacity

Eligibility Criteria

The Muste Institute’s Social Justice Fund considers proposals:

  • for new projects or campaigns, or efforts to expand existing work
  • for ongoing projects or campaigns
  • for capacity building, leadership development, and resource sustainability
  • for projects with expense budgets under $50,000
  • for projects which are local, regional, national or global in scope
  • from groups located anywhere in the world
  • from grassroots organizations with annual expenses of less than $500,000
  • from groups with limited access to more mainstream funding sources
  • from groups that may be unincorporated or incorporated
  • from groups with or without 501(c)3 status or a fiscal sponsor
  • from groups which have not received Social Justice Fund grants at least two years


They do not consider grant proposals for the following:

  • general support of ongoing operatons
  • individual eforts or scholarships
  • schools or universitess academic or research projects
  • organizatons with access to government, corporate or mainstream charitable funding
  • art, theater, ilm or video projects that are not directly ted to actvism or organizing
  • economic development projects
  • capital campaigns or expenses
  • direct social services
  • legal defense or litgaton
  • lobbying or electoral campaigns
  • projects geared toward partcipantss personal improvement or business success
  • conflict resoluton or violence reducton projects, unless they directly promote actvism
  • projects that will have already taken place by the time the grant is received

How to Apply

Applicants must download preliminary application form available on the given website and submit in a prescribed format via email.

For more information, please visit


  • Ameenu Yereema says:

    Could you please get the link working? I cannot click on it.
    Thank you

  • Ameenu Yereema says:

    Could you please get the link working? I cannot click on it

  • Sampson Aglanu Kwamla says:

    Thank you very much for this great resource.
    Save the Future Ghana Team.

  • Mensah Aborampa says:

    please send the details of the application form

  • Rev Manzini Mkhize says:

    This organization is indeed helpful we are praying that God may sustian it.

  • Rev Manzini Mkhize says:

    Can send the form of application we want to apply for our project. We are building Multi-purpose center for our community.

  • Abhishek Kumar Gour says:

    What is the mail id and initially what we have to send to the institute. Please provide me mail id and other details

    • Ritu at fundsforNGOs says:

      Hi Abhishek Kumar Gour,

      For more information regarding eligibility criteria, application process and more, please visit the link provided at the end of the post.

      Good Luck!

  • Evance Francisco says:

    I would like to thank you for your kind to support organizations at different stages in order to grow and produce fruitful activities helping the community at grass route level .Surely its a big responsibility on the shoulder that need a hand or two so much so that it grows per unit area .

  • Collins Urey says:

    The United Youth Social Symposium for Education and Development ( UYSSED) is an advocacy base organization in Liberia. We seeking and researching opportunity for emergent growing organization like UYSSED. UYSSED as the capacity and leadership to implement this project to the fullest. We will appreciate were you to afford us to opportunity to be one of your implementing partner to great cost. I will appreciate where you link us application link for action.

  • Nnenna Agnes says:

    Funds For NGO is doing a tremendous job to help alleviate poverty and suffering especially in third world countries. The problem with Ngos in third world countries especially in Africa is the issue of trust. Most international funders do not trust Ngos that come from this part of the world, and therefore accessing funds becomes difficult for them. Majority of them are good intentioned,but due to the fact that they can’t access funds,they can barely function no matter how good intentioned they may be . Some can’t even register their Ngos,talkless of acessing funds and registering for premium membership.
    In my own case, we are in the process of registration and got stucked as a result of funds. These are the constraints of Ngos in Africa. In many occasions, Ngos that are not registered , or have annual financial report even when such NGOS are yet to start or at the start up stage. We want funds for NGOS to help us in this regard.

    • Ritu at fundsforNGOs says:

      Hi Nnenna Agnes,

      FundsforNGOs Premium helps you meet this challenge by offering a range of high quality online fundraising tools. Developed by a team of experienced fundraisers, FundsforNGOs Premium offers an affordable solution on one easy to use platform.

      We also offer a wide range of free resources and information to all our users around the world. All our free content will continue to be free and offered without any restriction. Please visit to learn more.

      Good luck!

  • Hajia Fati Seidu Tambro says:

    Thank you very much for spreading this opportunity. Sung Foundation will like to apply. Ghana

  • Elizabeth Kayanga says:

    My organization is interested in this call for applications. Will submit. We are in Uganda.

    • Komal says:

      Hi Elizabeth Kayanga,

      Yes, Uganda is eligible to apply. For more information on eligibility criteria, application process and more, please visit the link given on the last line of the post.

      Good Luck!

  • Alex Bwaluka says:

    Is Zambia eligible to apply?

    • Komal says:

      Hi Alex Bwaluka,

      Yes, Zambia is eligible to apply. For more information on eligibility criteria, application process and more, please visit the link given on the last line of the post.

      Good Luck!

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