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Pact: Advancing Community Empowerment (ACE) Project

Deadline: 6 August 2019 Pact has announced an Annual Program Statement (APS) for the Advancing Community Empowerment (ACE) project funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)/Burma. This first call for Expressions of Interest (EOI) under this APS publicizes the intent of ACE consortium members to fund one or multiple awards which provide quality, demand-driven health, education and livelihoods services to rural communities in underserved and hard to reach … [Read more...]

U.S. Embassy Tokyo PAS: Seeking Applications for Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program

Deadline: 31 July 2019 The U.S. Embassy Tokyo Public Affairs Section (PAS) of the U.S. Department of State has announced that funding is available through its Public Diplomacy Small Grants Program. PAS Tokyo invites Statement of Interest (SOI) for projects that strengthen cultural ties between the U.S. and Japan through cultural and exchange programming that highlights shared values and promotes bilateral cooperation. All programs must include an American cultural element, or connection … [Read more...]

U.S. Department of State, Bureau of NEA/AC: 2019 Tunisia Local Grants Program

Deadline: 5 January 2019 The Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs, Office of Assistance Coordination (NEA/AC) and the United States Embassy in Tunisia, Assistance Unit, are seeking proposals from eligible applicants for a 2019 Tunisia Local Grants Program. This program aims to provide direct support to develop and promote innovative, locally-driven solutions to locally-identified problems, build and expand inclusive local networks, and help civil society organizations to represent the needs of … [Read more...]

Australian Embassy in Pohnpei: Inviting Applications for Direct Aid Program

Deadline: 28 June 2019 The Australian Embassy in Pohnpei is inviting applications for its Direct Aid Program 2018-19 which is a flexible, small grants scheme for development activities for up to USD $20,000. The emphasis of the program is adressing basic humanitarian hardships. Presently, DAP applications with a focus on health, education, poverty alleviation, and/or gender equality are being prioritized. Development Sectors and Strategic Policy Priorities Health Public … [Read more...]

The Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh: Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects

Deadline: 30 April 2019 The Embassy of Japan in Bangladesh is inviting applications for its Grant Assistance for Grass-roots Human Security Projects to support various development projects with a view to enhance human security at the grass-roots level. There is an increasing need for cooperation by the entire international community to realize a peaceful and affluent society in which everybody can live their individual lives in a humane manner. The GGHSP mainly supports the projects on … [Read more...]

2018-2019 Direct Aid Program: Inviting Wallis and Futuna Associations

Deadline: 5 December 2018 Applications are now open for the Direct Aid Program (DAP) which is an aid fund to finance or co-finance development micro-projects. Placed under the responsibility of the Australian Consul General in Nouméa and funded by the Australian Government, this program is based on the principles of accessible, sustainable and practical development. Funding Information Program funds are modest. The level of intervention for each project is usually between 100,000 and … [Read more...]

EC-EACEA Social Inclusion and Common Values: Contributing in the Field of Education and Training

Deadline: 26 February 2019 The European Commission-Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA) is seeking proposals for a program entitled “Social inclusion and common values: the contribution in the field of education and training” to support transnational cooperation projects in the fields of education and training. Objectives General objectives: Proposals should address one of the two general objectives below: Disseminating and/or scaling up good practices on … [Read more...]

Apply for MEPI Student Leaders Program 2019!

Deadline: 14 December 2018 U.S. Embassy in Algeria is seeking applications for its MEPI Student Leaders Program 2019 which is an intensive five-week exchange program to the United States for approximately 60 undergraduate students from the Middle East and North Africa. It offers outstanding undergraduate and graduate students from across the MENA region an intensive leadership training course. Students attend U.S. academic institutions where they develop leadership skills and expand … [Read more...]

Tinker Foundation Call for Applications: Institutional Grants Program

Deadline: 1 March 2019 Tinker Foundation is accepting applications for its Institutional Grants program with the goal of creating the conditions for the development of effective policy changes that improve the lives of Latin Americans. Program Areas Democratic Governance Education Sustainable Resource Management Eligibility Criteria Successful proposals have a strong public policy component, offer innovative solutions to problems facing these regions, and incorporate new … [Read more...]

Crowder-Messersmith Fund to Support Conservation and Education Projects in Developing Countries

Deadline: 15 December 2018 The Audubon Naturalist Society (ANS) is seeking applicants for its Crowder-Messersmith Conservation Fund. The Crowder-Messersmith Conservation Fund, together with the Audubon Naturalist Society, helps fund small, local conservation and education projects in developing countries by providing seed money to communities and individuals whose projects have not attracted major support from other sources. Grant information The maximum grant for 1 year is … [Read more...]

Rosenberg Fund for Children Grant Program: Providing Educational & Emotional Needs

Deadline: 21 March 2019 The Rosenberg Fund for Children is seeking applications for its Grant program which provides educational and emotional needs of targeted progressive activists, and youth who are targeted activists themselves. In most instances, professionals and institutions directly receive the grants to provide services at no or reduced cost to beneficiaries. The RFC defines "targeted" as someone who as a result of their activism has: lost a job; suffered physical or mental injury … [Read more...]

U.S. Embassy in Uganda: Seeking Applications for Civic Education Project

Deadline: 21 December 2018 The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Mission in Uganda has announced an open competition for organizations interested in submitting applications for a small grant to implement and manage a civic education project. The project should be designed to deliver an educational program camp experience in each of Uganda’s four administrative districts that will combine intensive English language programming with learning about democratic values and participatory … [Read more...]

Call for Applications: Follow-up Research Fellowship Program

Deadline: 30 November 2018 The Japan Student Services Organization (“JASSO”) provides the Follow-up Research Fellowship for Former International Students in Japan to researchers who have previously come to study in Japan from a developing country, region, etc., and are currently active in education, research, or government in their home country, region, etc. The fellowship extends to those researchers an opportunity to conduct short-term research with academic advisors at universities … [Read more...]

Media Freedom Matters: Financial Support to Advocacy, Education, and Outreach Initiatives for Media in Moldova

Deadline: 20 December 2018 Freedom House, in collaboration with the Black Sea Trust for Regional Cooperation, invites applicants for funding and support from local, registered non-governmental organizations and coalitions based in the Republic of Moldova, the Eastern Partnership Region, and the European Union that seek to raise awareness about press freedom, freedom of expression, and independent media in the Republic of Moldova, including among the public, marginalized communities, … [Read more...]

Call for Applications: The Legal Education Foundation Grant Program

Deadline: 11 February 2019 The Legal Education Foundation is accepting applications for its grant program. The foundation’s purpose is to promote the advancement of legal education and the study of the law in all its branches. It envisions a society where everyone understands the role and value of the law and has the capability and opportunity to use it to ensure their rights and to fulfil the obligations that accompany these rights. The Foundation does not provide funding for individuals, … [Read more...]

Learning Disabilities Foundation of America: Inviting Applicants from United States

Deadline: 15 April 2019 The Learning Disabilities Foundation of America (LDFA) is inviting applicants for projects which conform to the mission of the LDFA by responding to an unmet need in the field of learning disabilities. Funds are granted for charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes or for the identification, ongoing evaluation, education of and services for children and adults with learning disabilities. Project Areas Examples of project areas that fall within … [Read more...]

Submit Applications for Social Inequality Grants Program!

Deadline: 23 May 2019 Applications are open for "Social Inequality" to support innovative research on whether rising economic inequality has affected social, political, and economic institutions, and the extent to which increased inequality has affected equality of opportunity, social mobility, and the intergenerational transmission of advantage. The program seeks investigator-initiated research projects that will broaden their understanding of the causes and consequences of rising … [Read more...]

Submit Applications for Mazda Foundation’s Grant Program!

Deadline: 31 March 2019 The Mazda Foundation is seeking applications for its Grant program with an aim to include (but are not limited to) the provision of financial aid to individuals and causes which may qualify for income tax deductibility for gifts and which provide: Assistance towards the maintenance and improvement of the natural environment Assistance in the advancement of culture and education to achieve excellence at all levels in the community Assistance to young people … [Read more...]

Harcourts Foundation: Providing Grants to Community-Based Organisation

Deadline: 4 February 2019 The Harcourts Foundation is currently seeking applications for its grant program for reputable community-based organisations which need funding for projects and initiatives designed to benefit as many people as possible. The size of applicant’s organization doesn’t matter to Harcourts Foundation, the Foundation not only gives back to those affected by large scale cataclysmic disasters but to charitable community organisations or assists with helping individuals in … [Read more...]

U.S. Embassy in Tunisia: SUSI Student Women’s Leadership Exchange Program

Deadline: 2 January 2019 The U.S. Embassy in Tunis has announced the 2019 Study of the United States Institute (SUSI) for Student Leaders Women’s Leadership Program. This intensive exchange opportunity provides undergraduate students with a deeper understanding of the United States, while simultaneously enhancing their leadership skills. The five-week program includes seminar discussions, readings, group presentations, and lectures as well as educational travel, site visits, leadership … [Read more...]