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Featured Articles to help you learn about Fundraising, NGO Management and Proposal Writing.

How to develop a Budget for your Project Proposal?

Developing budgets for your project or for even your organization is one of the most time-consuming tasks. Often we think that a budget is a simple format attached to a project proposal and you need to fill it according to the activities and strategies proposed in the project. However, when you start opening up a proposal backwards, you will realize that the budget is a critical component of the project. We have decided to develop a project proposal because we have understood and realized that … [Read more...]

How can NGOs apply and get grants from Bilateral Donor Agencies?

Bilateral donor funding refers to the donor country’s Government aid to recipient country in a Government-to-Government or a Government-to-NGO/Civil Society partnership. It is part of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) policies of the member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) which are working towards economic progress and trade. They play a major role in providing development funding to Governments and Civil Society mostly in developing … [Read more...]

Evergreen Grants: How to apply for funding without worrying about deadlines?

When we identify a funding opportunity and decide to apply for it, the single big factor that will most significantly influence us in the process is its deadline. A deadline that is close enough can be very disappointing. For example, if you come to know of a funding opportunity 3 days prior to its deadline, you will either give it up or you will put yourself under lot of pressure to complete the proposal and submit it within the given timeframe. Some donor agencies can be very rigid and … [Read more...]

Fundraising follow-up with donors

All of us know that donor communication is very important for the non-profits of today. To retain donors and convert one-time donors into recurrent ones, to also encourage them to feel like a part of the cause, and to spread the word within to their kith and kin, the importance of donor communication is well-established. But what does communicating with donors mean? Is it a thanks note, an appeal to donate again, or an update, or is it all of the above? What makes a donor tick? There can be … [Read more...]

Weekend Volunteering for Company Employees

There is an increased awareness and sensitization about volunteering work these days. The spirit of ‘giving back to the society’ is growing and spreading across people from all walks of life. It paints a very positive picture of the society as a whole, wherein everyone can contribute towards the society in a meaningful and sustainable way. Non-profit organizations offer innumerable opportunities for civic engagement for the greater good. Additionally, many companies and employers even have … [Read more...]

How does USAID support NGOs?

What is USAID? United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is a US Government Agency that is responsible for administration of all foreign civilian aid. It was established in the year 1961, and is headquartered at Washington DC. The mission statement of USAID is to ‘to partner to end extreme poverty and to promote resilient, democratic societies while advancing the security and prosperity of the United States’. The main purposes of USAID aid and assistance are disaster … [Read more...]

How to set up 501(c) 3 non-profit in United States and what are its advantages?

Lot of passionate individuals, or groups of people wish to contribute their lives for a good cause, and many of them either join a charitable organization, or start their own. But, establishing and running an organization is not an easy task. One must first be confident and convinced, must have enough support in terms of technical, programmatic, and legal support to start a nonprofit. If you are a nonprofit organization, and you wish to acquire a 501c3 status in United States, let us understand … [Read more...]

Quick tips to boost your fundraising efforts

Most often fundraising efforts of organizations go futile because of improper planning and lack of effective fundraising strategies. No matter how effectual an organization is in implementing field projects, they generally have to struggle when it comes to raising funds. Fundraising forms the most important activity of any NGO to sustain and continue their efforts for social wellbeing and development. Many experts consider it to be the backbone of the nonprofit sector, which is very true, as … [Read more...]

How to ensure sustainability?

The term sustainability has gained significant popularity in policy-oriented research, business development and social sector over the last few decades. It is the most sorted feature to ensure success to a venture. Sustainability, a word frequently used across several disciplines, has become part of our everyday lexis. Origin of the word Sustain dates back several centuries, from two latin words sus which means- up and tenere meaning to hold. The current use of the word implies something that … [Read more...]

How can NGOs participate in Crowdfunding?

As the name suggests, crowdfunding is a way of raising funds (funding) from a large number of donors (crowd) by mediums like internet, social media and mobile phones. Lot of social enterprises, start-ups, and even nonprofits are successfully raising funds by doing crowdfunding campaigns. How NGOs can make their crowdfunding plan and how to actually implement it, here is a short and simple guide about the process and steps to plan one: Planning the campaign: Every successful activity has … [Read more...]

What is Succession Planning and Why is it Important for Your NGO?

Non-profits have so much to worry about these days, like finding funds, acquiring and retaining donors, core work, projects and activities. Being occupied with so many things at once does not let the non-profit organizations ‘think’ like an organization sometimes. People working at non-profits end up feeling that they have much more to look for outside the organization, rather than inside it. Management pioneers have stressed on the need to develop strategic thinking, developing and nurturing … [Read more...]

How to make your first contact with the corporate donors

Making your first contact with the corporate donors can be tough and intimidating. The corporate culture differs a lot from the nonprofit world. Many-a-times, nonprofits need to make a lot of efforts to reach out to a corporate, to make them listen to what they have to ask for, and to tell them why they stand out by the good work they do. Being able to schedule a meeting with them is a good indication for the potential collaborations or seeking corporate funding or sponsorship for your … [Read more...]

How to build long-term relationship with Donors?

Cordial relations always facilitate in yielding better results, be it at home or at work… Most people usually don’t need much advice on managing personal and individual relations. There however, is great scope for learning the basics of improving business relations, as relationship building is an important aspect for success of any business. With organizations (specially corporates and businesses) realizing the importance of a healthy relation with clients, a special position of Relationship … [Read more...]

How to make your organization accountable?

Over the past few decades NGOs have gained significant popularity as the third pillar of development and have played a key role in providing social, economic and environmental services to the marginalized. Growth of NGOs as providers of essential services and key players in policy reforms has been a global phenomenon. NGOs have worked very effectively in areas where both government and private players have failed miserably, this ability of NGOs to work in the most fragile and backward places has … [Read more...]

What is Peer-to-peer Fundraising in Nonprofit World?

Peer-to-peer fundraising or P2P fundraising is getting a lot of attention by nonprofits these days. Although crowdfunding and P2P are being used interchangeably, it is important to note that the two are different. P2P fundraising is a specific type of crowdfunding, wherein you can leverage your supporters and advocates to raise funds for your non-profit. It helps you reach a large number of audiences and donors, with added advantage of increased network, as it is the network of your supporters … [Read more...]

Using videos for storytelling

With the advent of internet and social media, plus a surge in the number of people having mobile phones, communication is getting easier, faster and more accessible for everyone. Clicking pictures and recording videos is so easy these days, with a click on your mobile phone. Visual storytelling is a way to tell your story through videos. Videos have always been an unparalleled method to get the viewer experience your world. So many NGOs are focusing on ethical photography and videography in … [Read more...]

How NGOs can raise non-financial support for their cause

Non-profits need resources to run themselves. These resources are not limited to financial resources. If properly planned and sought, non-financial resources can also play a crucial role in the growth and development of a non-profit organization. What are these non-financial resources that NGOs must look out for? How can they raise these resources? Some of these questions are answered here: What are non-financial resources? There are many. Some examples are: In-kind gifts and … [Read more...]

Which Foreign Embassies you should approach to apply for grants?

Foreign embassies under various development cooperation programs organize small grants funding for NGOs in many countries. They can be a significant source of funding to address various socio-economic issues. Besides, their funding programs are usually small in scale but most flexible to implement. In this guide, we take a quick look at top foreign embassies and their grant programs and how your organization can learn more information on identifying and apply to such funding opportunities. US … [Read more...]

Multilateral Donors: How NGOs can get involved and get support from them?

Multilateral agencies like the UN, the World Bank and others provide multilateral aid to developing countries. The significance of this type of aid is the very large scale under which it operates and provides support for addressing issues related to poverty, economic development, human rights, healthcare, peace and development and other areas. According to the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, “Working with multilateral organisations can bring…benefits” such as … [Read more...]

Organizational Chart for your NGO

Organizational charts give a pictorial representation of the functioning styles of your NGO. It provides a graphic view of the hierarchical system and the levels of responsibility in an organization. It is relevant to present an organizational chart because it gives a quick, bird’s-eye view of the management structure of an NGO. Organizational charts are mostly found in annual reports, brochures and other promotional material of the NGO. But it is also essential for fundraising and donor … [Read more...]