EHRI Fellowship Call: Supporting Holocaust Research Community by Building a Digital Infrastructure and Facilitating Human Networks

Deadline: 31 December 2017 Applications are currently being accepted for European Holocaust Research Infrastructure, EHRI Fellowship with an intention to support and stimulate Holocaust research by facilitating international access to key archives and collections related to the Holocaust as well as archival and digital humanities knowhow. The fellowships intend to support researchers, archivists, curators, and younger scholars, especially PhD candidates with limited resources. Stipend & … [Read more...]

Swiss – Finnish Promotional Call for Eurostars Projects in Life Sciences

Deadline: 14 July 2017 Swiss – Finnish Promotional Call for Eurostars Projects in Life Sciences is currently open for submissions with an aim to increase the Swiss-Finnish cooperation in innovation. The call focuses on developing innovative products and applications with a strong market potential. Focus Areas Although Eurostars calls are open for projects within all technology areas, in this Swiss-Finnish promotional call a special focus is given to Bio- and Medical Technologies in: … [Read more...]

Call for Project Proposals: EUREKA Celtic-Plus European Research Initiative to Support R&D Projects

Deadline: 16 October 2017 Do you want to access new markets, technologies and skills? Do you want to gain recognition through your involvement in an international collaborative R&D project? Do you want to work with partners beyond national borders, develop new products or services, or work on pre-competitive research and development? Then apply for Celtic-Plus, an industry-driven European research initiative to define, perform and finance through public and private funding, common R&D … [Read more...]

DFID: Multi-stakeholder Forestry Programme phase 4 (MFP4) in Indonesia

Deadline: 31 October 2017 The Department for International Development (DFID) is considering procurement for a new Multi-stakeholder Forestry Programme (phase 4) to support Indonesia in its ambitions on sustainable timber and community forestry. The programme aims to build on earlier phases of the MFP programme and deliver an ambitious set of results on coverage of timber licences, export volumes of sustainably sourced timber, area under community forest management, and number and value of … [Read more...]

DFID: Independent Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Provider for the Good Governance Fund

Deadline: 16 August 2017 DFID is seeking applications for its programme entitled "Independent Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Provider for the Good Governance Fund". The Good Governance Fund (GGF) is a highly responsive, adaptive, demand-led fund, largely focused on the provision of technical assistance in support of governance and economic reform in Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Established in 2015, the GGF has funding approved until March 2021. The … [Read more...]

Applications Open for Trust Conference Scholarship Programme!

Deadline: 31 July 2017 The Trust Conference Scholarship, a part of the Trust Conference is now open for applications inviting all applicants working in the areas of human trafficking, slavery and human rights. Priority will be given to applicants from developing countries who demonstrate their participation at Trust Conference will enhance their work in their own communities. This year, up to 60 scholarships will be awarded to applicants from diverse disciplines that will bring unique … [Read more...]

Resist Grant: Supporting People’s Movements for Justice and Liberation in the U.S.

Deadline: 4 August 2017 Resist Foundation is currently accepting applications for its grant program to support the activists on the ground who are doing the work. Resist supports people's movements for justice and liberation, by redistributing resources back to frontline communities at the forefront of change while amplifying their stories of building a better world. Resist’s theory of social change is rooted in the belief that when communities most impacted by injustices come together, … [Read more...]

Connecticut Health Foundation: Diverse Advocacy and Consumer Engagement in Health Reform

Deadline: 10 July 2017 The Connecticut Health Foundation (CT Health) is currently seeking proposals for its program entitled "Diverse Advocacy and Consumer Engagement in Health Reform". CT Health is one of the largest independent health philanthropy dedicated to improving lives by changing health systems. CT Health seeks to support PoC led nonprofits that work on advocacy and consumer engagement strategies to ensure health reform benefits populations of color. This is an opportunity to help … [Read more...]

Apply for the Jeremy Wilson Charitable Trust Grants for Young People!

Deadline: 31 October 2017 The Jeremy Willson Charitable Trust (JWCT), a charity set up in tribute to and memory of Jeremy Willson, is currently accepting applications for its grant program to help people and projects that reflect Jeremy’s passions in life: athletics, geology, adventure and the environment. The charity awards and provides annual individual grants. Funding Criteria The JWCT funds the following: Young able-bodied and disabled sportspeople and athletes. Applicants must … [Read more...]

DFID: Women’s Integrated Sexual Health Programme for Africa & Asia

Deadline: 12 July 2017 The UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), as a signatory to the global Family Planning (FP) 2020 agreement, is currently seeking applications for its Women’s Integrated Sexual Health (WISH) programme across Africa and Asia with the commitment to doubling its spending on FP by providing services to an additional 24 million girls and women worldwide by 2020. As the UK’s principle lead in working to end extreme poverty, DFID is significantly scaling-up its … [Read more...]

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services: Apply for Canada Standard Grants Program

Deadline: 25 August 2017 The Canada Standard Grants Program, a matching grant program, is currently open for applications to support public-private partnerships carrying out wetlands conservation projects in Canada. Their projects contribute to a comprehensive, programmatic approach towards furthering the goals of the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA). Project activities involve the long-term conservation of wetlands and associated upland habitats for the benefit of waterfowl … [Read more...]

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services: Inviting Applicants for 2nd Cycle of the U.S. Standard Grants Program

Deadline: 14 July 2017 The U.S. Standard Grants Program is currently open for its 2nd cycle of applications, in order to support public-private partnerships carrying out projects in the United States that further the goals of the North American Wetlands Conservation Act (NAWCA). These projects must involve long-term protection, restoration, and/or enhancement of wetlands and associated uplands habitats for the benefit of all wetlands-associated migratory birds. The U.S. Standard Grants … [Read more...]

Partnership for Clean Competition: Apply for Anti-Doping Research Grant

Deadline: 1 July 2017 The Partnership for Clean Competition (PCC) is currently accepting applications for its Anti-Doping Research Grant program, to contribute to a movement in addressing doping’s root causes and ultimately decreasing the use of performance-enhancing drugs by all participants in all sports at all levels of play. Research Priorities The PCC research priorities are as follows: Developing methods of cost-effective testing to detect and deter the use of banned and illegal … [Read more...]

Healthcare Georgia Foundation’s Direct Services Grant Program: Addressing Health Disparities in Georgia

Deadline: 3 August 2017 The Healthcare Georgia Foundation is currently seeking applications for its Direct Services Grant Program to support existing healthcare services and health promotion programs that assist the Foundation with accomplishing its mission by funding program activities specifically related to the Foundation’s priority area: Addressing Health Disparities. Addressing Health Disparities is the Foundation’s strategic response to unequal access and outcomes among vulnerable … [Read more...]

Call for Applications: International Policy Dialogue Conference on Money, Security and Democratic Governance in Africa

Deadline: 30 July 2017 The Council for Social Science Research in Africa (CODESRIA) and the United Nations Office for West Africa and the Sahel (UNOWAS) have announced an international conference on Money, Security and Democratic Governance in Africa that will be held in Bamako, Mali on October 19-20, 2017. This conference forms part of CODESRIA’s ongoing engagement with the issues of security and governance in Africa. UNOWAS’ involvement reflects its leading role in addressing security and … [Read more...]

Apply for Australian Government’s Cooperative Research Centres (CRCs) Grants!

Deadline: 12 July 2017 The Australian government is currently accepting applications for its Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) grants to support medium to long term industry-led collaborations to develop important new technologies, products and services. CRC grants solve industry problems and deliver tangible outcomes. Objectives Cooperative Research Centre grants aim to: improve the competitiveness, productivity and sustainability of Australian industries, especially where Australia … [Read more...]

Nominations Open for D-Prize: Recognizing Aspiring Entrepreneurs from Across the Globe

Deadline: 30 July 2017 Can you design a business or NGO that solves one of the Distribution Challenges? Nominations are now open for the D-Prize, recognizing new entrepreneurs who increase access to proven poverty interventions. D-Prize Challenges Girl's Education Agriculture Energy Global Health Education Governance and Infrastructure Custom Prize If selected, winner will be awarded with up to $20,000 to launch a pilot in any region where extreme poverty … [Read more...]

Health Canada’s Substance Use and Addictions Program: Strengthening Drug and Substance use Issues in Canada

Deadline: 4 August 2017 Health Canada’s Substance Use and Addictions Program (SUAP) is pleased to invite eligible organizations to submit applications to support evidence-informed and innovative health promotion, prevention, harm reduction and treatment initiatives to address substance use issues related to licit and illicit psychoactive substances. The SUAP is a federal contributions program that provides financial support to provinces, territories, non-governmental organizations and key … [Read more...]

Applications Open for ProPublica’s Emerging Reporters Program!

Deadline: 7 July 2017 Are you a college student of color interested in doing great journalism? Apply to ProPublica's Emerging Reporters Program. ProPublica has a vested interest in developing more minority journalists with a mission to shine a light on abuses of power, producing stories of moral force that provoke change. According to ProPublica, the best way to bring about meaningful change is to take a holistic approach, tackling the obstacles that dissuade minorities from pursuing careers … [Read more...]

Colchester Zoo’s Action for the Wild Charitable Trust: Supporting Conservation Projects Worldwide

Deadline: 30 December 2017 Colchester Zoo’s Action for the Wild Charitable Trust is seeking applications for its grant programme to assist conservation projects worldwide. The Fund supports and encourages conservation projects that address conservation priorities at both local and global levels. Objectives Colchester Zoo aims to provide financial assistance and technical advice to in situ projects in order to support the conservation of endangered species and their habitats. … [Read more...]

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