EIDHR Call for Proposals 2016/2017 – Jordan

Date Opened: 15/05/2017 Date Closed: 06/07/2017 Budget: 1,280,000 (EUR) Winning NGOs: Next>> <<Previous … [Read more...]

EU Funding Programme: Increase Women Participation in Public Life

Date Opened: 26/07/2017 Date Closed: 11/09/2017 Budget: 3,500,000 (EUR) Winning NGOs: <<Previous … [Read more...]

Support to Civil Society in Zimbabwe: Promoting democratic participation, good governance and accountability

Date Opened: 24/02/2017 Date Closed: 26/04/2017 Budget: 5,000,000 (EUR) Winning NGOs: Next>> <<Previous … [Read more...]


Date Opened: 25/04/2017 Date Closed: 29/06/2017 Budget: 5,000,000 (EUR) Winning NGOs: Next>> <<Previous … [Read more...]

European Union support to Human Rights in Namibia

Date Opened: 30/09/2016 Date Closed: 22/11/2016 Budget: 1,150,000 (EUR) Winning NGOs: Next>> <<Previous … [Read more...]

Civil Society Organisations (CSO) Programme: Enhancing CSOs’ contribution to governance and development processes in Mongolia

Date Opened: 23/02/2017 Date Closed: 14/04/2017 Budget: 1,750,000 (EUR) Winning NGOs: Next>> <<Previous … [Read more...]

European Union Support to Human Rights in Namibia – 2

Date Opened: 05/07/2017 Date Closed: 22/08/2017 Budget: 900,000 (EUR) Winning NGOs: Next>> <<Previous … [Read more...]

Joint Call for Proposals for India:2016-2017 – Civil Society Organisations (CSO),Local Authorities (LA),European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights – Country Based Support Scheme (EIDHR-CBSS) and Partnership Instrument (PI)

Date Opened: 10/03/2017 Date Closed: 03/04/2017 Budget:  8,100,000 (EUR) Winning NGOs: Next>> <<Previous … [Read more...]

European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights – Country-Based Support Schemes 2017, Mongolia

Date Opened: 08/03/2017 Date Closed: 25/04/2017 Budget: 600,000 (EUR) Winning NGOs: Next>> <<Previous … [Read more...]

Who got the funding? A compendium of European Commission human rights grants awarded to NGOs

The European Commission has been awarding funding to NGOs worldwide since a long time and has stood up as a boon for non-profits. The various funding schemes and specific projects that are being implemented by the commission on a rolling basis in order to make most of the NGOs get benefitted through grants have made European Commission one among the greatest donors for Non-profits. Here we have compiled a list of NGOs working on Human Rights that were being funded by European Commission last … [Read more...]

Where can NGOs look for Research Grants?

Research has always been the basis to development. In this 21st century where the research of a micro to a macro product in on high peak, the procedures and machinery required are also on high demand. Thousands of scientists, institutes, organizations all over the world are working on different sectors of research in order to make a better future for all. As research involves the demand of highly accurate machines and other equipment, it ultimately gets affected by the lack of resources or … [Read more...]

Webinar Video: How to Raise Funds from USAID

The webinar video on "How to Raise Funds from USAID" is now available online. The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is a major source of funds and partnership opportunities for NGOs around the world. USAID offers a significant amount of funding resources for NGOs through grant opportunities and requests for applications. USAID’s funding resources support a wide range of issues areas: agriculture and food security; democracy and human rights; education; global health; … [Read more...]

How NGOs can Work Remotely More Effectively

An Interview with Peter Ivanov Over the last 20 years, Peter Ivanov - Keynote Speaker and Executive coach, Athletic Champion and father of five girls - is leading international virtual NGO teams across Europe, Asia and Africa to show them how to deliver projects quicker, reduce cost and develop their NGOs for the future. Today, Peter is sharing his advice on effective leadership and collaboration within virtual NGO teams.   How can NGO companies achieve extraordinary results … [Read more...]

Maximpact Ecosystems Capacity Building Small Grant Competition

Deadline extended till 28th April 2017. Registrations are open for the 1st Maximpact capacity building small grant that will support capacity strengthening of non-profit organizations capacity in fundraising, project management, and other technical area required. Maximpact Ecosystems provides a marketplace in which a unique network of like-minded people focus on creating good impact and a more sustainable future. Funding Information The finalist will receive the grant in amount of … [Read more...]

Explore the Winning Proposals: FundsforNGOs Great Proposals Contest 2016

As we have already announced the winners of the FundsforNGOs Great Proposals Contest 2016 where Toybox (INGO) and Thanda, South Africa (NGO)developed the best proposals among all the proposals we received. Here we are publishing the proposal made by both of them, so that all the NGOs around the world can be benefited. Have a look at the proposal below and improve your fundraising by developing an outstanding proposal.      … [Read more...]

FundsforNGOs Great Proposals Contest 2016 Winners Announced!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2016 proposal contest! We received hundreds of fantastic proposals from all over the world, making it very difficult to decide on only two winners. However, these two winners were selected for their very high-quality proposals. The winners of our $500 prizes are: NGO: Thanda, South Africa for the proposal “Thanda Proposal for Albert Wessels Trust” INGO: Toybox, United Kingdom for the proposal “I Exist: Birth Registration in Guatemala … [Read more...]

The LGBT Fund Deep Engagement Grants for Mozambique

Deadline: 31 January 2017 The Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF), the Office of the U.S. Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC), and The United Nations Joint Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) through their joint partnership on The LGBT Fund is seeking applications for Deep Engagement Grants serving LGBT communities in Mozambique only. The LGBT Fund aligns and expands existing EJAF, OGAC and UNAIDS initiatives to improve access to HIV and STI services for LGBT people, advancing progress towards … [Read more...]

Syria Recovery Trust Fund: Alleviating the Suffering of the Syrian People

The Syria Recovery Trust Fund (SRTF) is a multi-donor trust fund initiated by the Group of Friends of the Syrian People and its Working Group on Economic Recovery and Development. The fund serves to channel grant funding from the international community in a transparent and accountable manner into projects inside Syria with the objective to alleviate the suffering of the Syrian people. The fund's mission and core objective is to relieve the suffering of the Syrian people affected by the ongoing … [Read more...]

Walmart Foundation, Australian Government & ADRA Support to Haiti

The Walmart Foundation, Australian Government and  Adventist Development and Relief Agency have also provided their support to the victims of the tropical storm Hurricane Mathew in Haiti. Walmart Foundation The Walmart Foundation works with a mission to create opportunities to provide a better life to people. Walmart has a long history of providing aid in times of disaster in Louisiana, working hand in hand with the people of the Gulf Region during and after Hurricane Katrina. Walmart … [Read more...]

Big Donors for Relief Work in Haiti: Curing Destruction Caused by Hurricane Mathew

Visit the list of some more donors that are supporting relief work in Haiti to cure the destruction caused by the devastating tropical storm Hurricane Mathew. Foundation Beyond Belief The Foundation Beyond Belief is a humanist charity that promotes secular volunteering and responsible charitable giving. Its mission is to unite the humanist community in volunteering and charitable efforts and advocating for compassionate action throughout the world. After the Hurricane Matthew, the … [Read more...]