Bilateral Donors and their Funding Programs for NGOs

Here is a list of major international bilateral donor agencies that provide grant funding opportunities for NGOs in developing countries.

DFID Call for Applications: Disability Inclusiveness Development Programme

Deadline: 31 October 2017 The UK’s Department of International Development (DFID) is accepting applications for its Disability Inclusiveness Development Programme, valued between £25- £30 million, which will improve the long-term well-being and inclusion of people with disabilities in low- and middle-income countries. Objectives Design and implement innovation interventions in DFID priority countries, using contexts that test new approaches to disability inclusion, focusing in areas … [Read more...]

DFID: Programme Addressing Unsafe Irregular Migration through and from Ethiopia

Deadline: 31 October 2017 The UK’s Department of International Development (DFID) is currently inviting applications for "Programme Addressing Unsafe Irregular Migration through and from Ethiopia”. With a focus on protection, the procured programme will be developed in a ‘bottom-up’ way. The first six months will allow for formative research into the knowledge, experience and attitudes of migrants, would-be migrants and migrant-sending communities. This will support the development of a … [Read more...]

U.S. Embassy to Mongolia: Inviting Applicants for 2018 Fulbright Specialist Program

Deadline: 2 October 2017 The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy to Mongolia is accepting applications for the 2018 Fulbright Specialist Program that promotes linkages between U.S. academics and professionals, and their counterparts at institutions abroad. The Fulbright Specialist Program in Mongolia is open for Mongolian host institutions to submit single-visit project proposals for qualified U.S. scholars and professionals. The program awards grants for projects that will last between … [Read more...]

How can NGOs apply and get grants from Bilateral Donor Agencies?

Bilateral donor funding refers to the donor country’s Government aid to recipient country in a Government-to-Government or a Government-to-NGO/Civil Society partnership. It is part of the Official Development Assistance (ODA) policies of the member countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) which are working towards economic progress and trade. They play a major role in providing development funding to Governments and Civil Society mostly in developing … [Read more...]

Arab Fund for Economic Empowerment and Social Development

The Arab Fund for Economic Empowerment and Social Development works in order to contribute towards the financing of economic and social development projects in the Arab countries. The Arab Fund seeks to meet the development needs of Member countries and at the same time ensure feasibility and transparency in all its projects. In this context the most important aspect of the Arab Fund's operations is to consider the priorities of the projects and the policies established by the Member countries … [Read more...]

AusAID: Australian Agency for International Development

AusAID is the international development agency of the Australian Government. The purpose of Australia’s international aid policy is to promote Australia’s national interests by contributing to sustainable economic growth and poverty reduction Aid Topics Development Issues Aid for Trade Direct Aid Program Disability-Inclusive Development Global Development Private Sector Development Research Water for Development Agriculture, Fisheries and Water Building … [Read more...]

The Austrian Government’s Austrian Development Agency

The Austrian Development Agency works to reduce poverty promote peace and protect the environment. Around 500 projects and programs and funds of over 100 million Euros are implemented in a year to improve the living conditions in developing countries. ADA works together with partner countries, public institutions, civil society organizations and companies for sustainable development in Africa, Asia, Eastern and Southeastern Europe and the Caribbean. Countries in Priority Bhutan, Albania, … [Read more...]

The Belgian Development Agency

The Belgian Development Agency supports and provides guidance to development programmes. It contributes to the efforts of the international community and works towards a society that provides present and future generations with sufficient resources to build a sustainable and fair world. The agency continuously searches for innovative and effective solutions in order to contribute structurally to the change processes that are necessary to build a fair world. Themes Agriculture and Rural … [Read more...]

Government of Canada’s International Development Programme

The Government of Canada’s international development programme works with the goal of making Canada's international assistance more focused, more effective and more accountable. In times of disaster, crises or severe conflict, Canada provides humanitarian assistance to save lives and alleviate suffering. Global Affairs Canada provides opportunities for a career that is global in scale, offering a wealth of international perspectives that increase professional skills and expand cultural … [Read more...]

The Czech Development Agency (CzechAID)

The Czech Development Agency was established in 2008 by the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs and is focused on design and execution of bilateral development projects. The main tasks of CzechAID are to identify, formulate, implement and monitor projects in priority partner countries, to award grants to NGOs and to conduct professional training for Czech ODA staff. CzechAID cooperates with the MFA on the establishment of an institutional framework of the Czech development cooperation and … [Read more...]

DANIDA – Danish International Development Agency

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark works with an aim to fight poverty with human rights and economic growth. It is focused on some of the poorest countries in the world. The agency working for international development is referred to as DANIDA (Danish International Development Agency). Strategic Priorities Human rights and democracy Support democratic elections, parliaments, political parties, civil society and a free and critical media. Promote good governance and the … [Read more...]

Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland – International Development

The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland provides millions of people with a chance for a better life. It promotes the security and welfare of Finland and the Finns, and works for a secure and fair world. Finland supports developing countries' own development efforts by means of both political advocacy and financing. Development Policy and Development Cooperation Development policy is an important part of Finland's foreign and security policy. Development cooperation is one means to … [Read more...]

Agence Française de Développement (AFD) – France

Agence Française de Développement (AFD) is a financial institution and the main implementing agency for France’s official development assistance to developing countries and overseas territories that works for economic and social development in its geographical areas of operation by financing and supporting development projects and programs, participating in the debate, research and dialogue with the relevant stakeholders. The aim of these actions is to contribute to more sustainable and shared … [Read more...]

German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

The German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) works with the motive of making a world in which everyone can live a self-determined life in freedom, a world without poverty, violent conflicts and environmental degradation. Objectives Eradicating poverty, combating hunger and illnesses, education for everyone, supporting democracy and peace, realizing human rights and gender equality, protecting the environment and natural resources Focus Areas Business … [Read more...]

The Icelandic International Development Agency

The Icelandic International Development Agency (ICEIDA) is an autonomous agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iceland and is responsible for the implementation of official Icelandic bilateral development cooperation. ICEIDA operates in three countries - Malawi, Mozambique and Uganda - in the areas of fisheries, education, energy, health, and water and sanitation. It emphasizes sustainable social and economic development with gender equality, human rights, democracy and environmental … [Read more...]

Irish Aid: Working to Fight Global Poverty and Hunger

Irish Aid is the Irish Government's Program for overseas development that is working to fight global poverty and hunger. The aim of Irish Aid programme is to reduce poverty and hunger, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa where the needs are greatest. By supporting long term development and providing humanitarian assistance in over eighty countries, on behalf of the Irish people, it is helping to build better futures for some of the world’s poorest communities. Irish Aid works closely with … [Read more...]

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)

The Japan International Cooperation Agency works in order to meet the diverse needs of developing countries around the globe. JICA's vision is for inclusive and dynamic development. JICA aims to contribute to the promotion of international cooperation as well as the sound development of Japanese and global economy by supporting the socioeconomic development, recovery or economic stability of developing regions. "Inclusive development" represents an approach to development that encourages all … [Read more...]

Korea International Cooperation Agency to address global development issues

The Korea International Cooperation Agency contributes to address global development issues by pursuing global harmony and facilitating the sustainable socio-economic development of its partner countries, aiming to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life in developing countries. Goals Institutional and legal support to improve the quality of lives for citizens in developing countries Reinforcement of policy development and implementation competencies for sustainable growth of … [Read more...]

Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development

The Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development provides funds with an aim to help developing countries to finance its development projects, and in the implementation of development programs, and the fund is to provide assistance to finance the preparation of technical feasibility and economic studies for development projects in these counties, costs, and the training of national cadres in which, in addition, the Fund is to contribute to the capital of international and regional development … [Read more...]

Liechtenstein Development Service: Liechtenstein’s ODA Program

The Liechtenstein Development Service (LED) is a private-law foundation of the people and government of Liechtenstein that was founded in 1965 and provides official development aid on behalf of Liechtenstein's government. LED works especially in rural regions in the fields of education, health and rural development giving priority to gender issues, social justice and the environment in all respects. The LED is committed to a world where … women and men are able to take their fate into … [Read more...]